The Internet Reacts To Sirfetch’d, Pokémon Sword’s New Farfetch’d Evolution

The Internet Reacts To Sirfetch’d, Pokémon Sword’s New Farfetch’d Evolution

Farfetch’d, the leek-carrying bird pal that’s been around since the original Pokémon games, is finally getting an evolution of his own. His buff new form, appearing exclusively in Pokémon Sword, is called Sirfetch’d, and the internet has some thoughts about this smug bird knight.

According to the official Sword and Shield website, Sirfetch’d is incredibly noble, to the point that “they are often chosen as a motif for paintings.”

They fight until their leek finally withers, retiring after they’ve lost their veggie weapons. Farfetch’d is notoriously weak as a Pokémon, and as other Pokémon continued to get new evolutions beyond their debut generations, fans wondered if the Wild Duck Pokémon would ever get one of its own to make it more viable in battles.

Sirfetch’d keeps his impressive eyebrows and gains a literal sword and shield — perfect fodder for emotional internet reactions and fanart. Of course, the fact that the Pokémon had been rumoured (and leeked) for a while means there was time to prepare for this reveal. Behold:

Happy Knifeduck Day, indeed. There’s still questions to be answered. If Sirfetch’d is a knight, does that make him a cop? Why does his outline match up so well to the notorious glitched pokémon Missingno? These aren’t real questions and I’m mostly making them up, but maybe we’ll get answers. For now, we can all bond in our shared appreciation of this buff duck lad.


  • It better get a third form to match the description of retiring from combat when its leek whithers.
    Can be an old man duck with a wilted leek as a walking cane (double as an homage to Scrooge McDuck and using the cane to jump on enemies)

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