The Internet Reacts To That Goose, You Know The One

For most of our lives, we’ve all been ordinary people, content to live ordinary lives and maintain a functional social order. Then, last Friday, Untitled Goose Game came out. Now we are all the goose, a feathered hellion who believes property is theft, and theft of property is good as hell as long as the person doing it is a goose. Our eyes have been opened, our perceptions transformed. Here’s what people are doing as part of the new Goose World Order.

It hasn’t even been a week since Untitled Goose Game came out, but the internet is already aflood with in-game accomplishments that I, even after reviewing the game, didn’t know were possible, as well as tributes to the waddling embodiment of chaos we all now aspire to be. Behold:


    The Goose needs to be the next fight in the second season of Smash Bros DLC

    I think someone needs to test the water these folks are drinking.

    Its such a brilliant little game, all the fun and chaos of something like hitman or metal gear solid 5, with none of the bloat

    Be the asshole goose you always wanted to be

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