The Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro Is Massive In-Person

Photo: All photos: Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku

The images SNK have released do not convey the actual size of the Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro. It’s humongous.

The stick comes packaged with 20 games and can be connected directly to the TV or PC, plug-and-play style.

Huge arcade sticks aren’t uncommon, but this one seems especially jumbo.

It seems that SNK also has a protective cover for the Arcade Stick Pro. Since the stick is white, no doubt it would get real dirty. 

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    This is so much more appealing than that weird Capcom Logo arcade stick. I would've preferred it in black though.

    Oh gosh. Looking at the stick, I can just hear that old jingle that would play on the neo geo arcade machines.

      NEO GEO
      MAX 330 MEGA

    Considering there's no point of reference or scale, these photos don't convey the size either...

      I came here to say the same thing! Would it have killed you to put a persons hand or something in the picture? We're not seeing it in person either!

      There's some USB ports on the front.
      That helps.

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