The New Microsoft Flight Simulator Looks Unreal

The New Microsoft Flight Simulator Looks Unreal

Driving a truck down the Autobahn is cathartic, but is it as nice as flying into the sunset, especially when the sunset looks this good?

A ton of footage from the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator has just dropped online today, following a preview event held in the United States. The footage didn’t come with a release or any extra information around the game’s 2020 launch, but the videos come direct from the Flight Simulator website.

And holy shit is this game something. Just look at those clouds. The grass. The mountains. The textures.

Fuck me, that rolling water.

2020 can’t come soon enough. There’s an Insider Program you can sign up to if you want to try early access builds of Flight Simulator down the road, although you’ll have to answer some surveys as part of the alpha and beta tests. More info about how that all works here.


  • One thing that we will need to sit and wait for is that how much streaming of data (I’m assuming weather, Scenery, ATC etc) will play a part (hello unlimited NBN!) with the online version and how the offline version (confirmed by Phil Spencer) will look without all the pretty stuff? Regardless, I’m hooked!

  • I’d love to see the pictures in this article. But every single one is covered with an ad demanding I skip the ad to be able to view the picture.

    Not to mention the auto play video ads that make me want to visit this site Less and less on mobile.

    • Ahahah, just when you think the site can’t get any worse they start covering screenshots with ads. It must be a tough place to work.

    • I didn’t even realize I’d missed the pictures (figured they all reffered to the heading photo) until I read this comment. As soon as I saw the ads I instinctively scrolled down till the text came back. I have to say, forcing users to interact with an ad just to see a screenshot is not something I’d be comfortable doing on every (or for that matter, any) article and I sincerely hope you reevaluate the decision to use this method of advertising in the future as it could potentially drive away a lot of readers.

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