UFC Fighter Plays Smash While His Tesla Drives Itself

Tesla cars have an “Autopilot” feature where the car can, on a long straight drive like a highway, take care of some stuff like lane changes and cruise control. The driver is supposed to still be paying attention, but some people — like UFC fighter Kevin Lee — haven’t got time for that.

Lee posted a video of himself yesterday driving to Montréal, his Tesla in control as he stuck a Nintendo Switch to his windscreen and played some Smash.

Looks like a super fun way to pass the time, but then, and not to sound like I’m snitching, it’s also not the safest idea. As Tesla says on the company website, “current Autopilot features require active driver supervision and do not make the vehicle autonomous.”

Then again, who am I to judge, if I could afford a Tesla I’d probably be cruising down a freeway with my Switch on shouting GOLDEN DEER FOREVER at anyone I passed.


    Pretty sure this is illegal in most countries. Even though teslas have autopilot. Its still illegal to use devices like this while driving.

      The guy is douch bag of the highest order. It's people like that who have accidents and end up killing other people but often not themselves :/

      Exactly. We've had more than one fatal accident because the driver of an autonomous vehicle was not paying attention.

        There was that footage recently of the dude and his wife both asleep while the tesla was driving down a freeway.

    Ever wonder why insurance, like auto-insurance, is so high? Morons like that guy.

    Jesus what a tool. I get that Tesla cars can auto drive, however the fact is you're STILL required to be observant *just incase*. They're not infallible.

    This is why we can't have nice things. Sheesh.

    That'll certainly make things fun...

    ...for the police.

    Lol, he's worried about his insurance! What a fn twat.

    *looks up Canadian law enforcement website*

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