Even Blink-182 Love The Goose

Even Blink-182 Love The Goose
Image: Steam

2019 has a new hero and he’s full of feathers and partial to wielding a knife to chase down annoying pedestrians. An actual god among us mere humans.

The titular character of Untitled Goose Game has inspired gamers to let their inner arseholes roam free through a white goose, who’s kind of a dick. Turns out, even Blink-182 want a piece of the honk too.

The Internet Reacts To That Goose, You Know The One

For most of our lives, we’ve all been ordinary people, content to live ordinary lives and maintain a functional social order. Then, last Friday, Untitled Goose Game came out. Now we are all the goose, a feathered hellion who believes property is theft, and theft of property is good as hell as long as the person doing it is a goose. Our eyes have been opened, our perceptions transformed. Here’s what people are doing as part of the new Goose World Order.

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During a recent performance, Mark Hoppus, Blink-182’s vocalist and bassist, told the crowd he loves the game and he was dedicating the next song to it. It’s unclear which Blink song that actually was but I think it’s safe to assume it was probably one of their more aggressive thrashers.

Hoppus joins a lineup of pretty famous people who are unashamedly on the goose train.

Just last week, model and social media royalty, Chrissy Teigen, had also let the world know she too had been converted and had even got her infant daughter on board. Respect.

Being an arsehole has never been so easy and even our pop culture overlords are embracing it.

A Birdwatcher's Review Of Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game effectively ended for me when I found the boy who would run away if you honked at him. I didn’t need to achieve any more goals. I had reached peak goose.

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