God Bless All The Untitled Goose Game Memes

God Bless All The Untitled Goose Game Memes

Sometimes you put something out into the world, and all you get back is good energy. That’s the lifecycle of Untitled Goose Game right now, and it’s only bettered by the prospect of thinking about where the honking little devil can flap its wings next.

The little goose that could has been a massive smash hit since its launch, sitting at #2 on the eShop for the UK and overtaking Link’s Awakening on the Australian eShop. It’s been pretty much universally enjoyed to different degrees by everyone, but what’s been especially fun is all the ways fans have imagined the little Hitman running rampant in other scenarios.

Untitled Goose Game: The Kotaku Review

The way Untitled Goose Game’s goose moves, I think, is what makes it so endearing. Its self-assured waddle. The way it leans its feathered neck forward, with an almost innocent inquisitiveness, before turning on some poor guy’s sprinklers and drenching him.

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Some of those have been the form of simple, beautiful memes, like this cracker referencing the Supreme Court’s decision against the Johnson government in the UK:

Others have gotten more creative, with this outstanding mix of what looks like eyeliner and paint to create some outstanding Goose Game eyeshadow:

Most fans, however, are just making simple riffs on the game or finding ways to inject the goose into other properties where the goose would truly shine.

I’m Really Honking It! from r/untitledgoosegame


But what’s been most wholesome is just seeing people take the simple idea of a goose fucking shit up and running with it. The internet has been awash with people imagining their own versions of Untitled Goose Game DLC.

Think about it: you have a single one-shot level, and you have a goose. How many ways can you create chaos? The possibilities are literally endless.

I’m still waiting for someone to mod Mr. X from Resident Evil 2 as the goose. If we can get Thomas the Tank Engine in there, surely the indestructible bird of terror can be.


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