Untitled Goose Game’s Developers Stopped Work On Launch Day To Attend The Climate Strike

Untitled Goose Game’s Developers Stopped Work On Launch Day To Attend The Climate Strike

Yesterday was the long-awaited launch day of Untitled Goose Game, the avian sensation that’s been sweeping multiple nations since its first trailer came out in 2017.

It was also the day of the Global Climate Strike, meaning that people across more than 150 countries are walking out of school and work to demand urgent action in response to the rapidly intensifying effects of climate change. Despite their game’s launch, the strike was too important for Goose Game’s developers to miss.

Designer Nico Disseldorp told Kotaku today that he’s been awake for nearly 24 hours straight. That’s both because game launches are frantic sprints fuelled by adrenaline, anxiety and last-second bug fixing, and also because he and the other members of his game studio House House had a strike to attend.

“We stopped work in the middle of our video game’s launch day and went to the Global Climate Strike because we want our government and other governments around the world to take urgent action to mitigate the worst effects of climate change,” Disseldorp said in an email. “Business as usual is destroying all of our futures, and things need to change now.”

In the lead-up to Untitled Goose Game’s release, House House tweeted about the strike and mentioned it in interviews. While Disseldorp and company very much want people to enjoy their game on launch day, they want even more to still have an inhabitable planet to live on in the coming decades. If you skip playing Goose Game on launch day to hit the streets, that’s fine with Disseldorp.

“If striking for you means that you can’t play our video game on launch day, that’s OK,” he said. “People can play our game, or another game, some other time. The climate emergency is urgent, and needs us to drop what we are doing and demand that governments act immediately.”


  • Oh good more people striking for change without ever fully understanding what has to change or giving a comprehensive plan of how to do it in a reasonable period without other bull attached.

    It’s like people don’t understand that carbon comes from far more than just burning fuel for electricty or cars. Steel is iron infused with carbon. cast iron is the same with a much higher content of carbon. the very process of infusing it releases it into the atmosphere. those materials are critical to almost every large scale infrastructure in the world.

    how about the cost of producing things like solar panels or wind farms? the process of making them sends out a lot of carbon as well.

    It’s not like renewable energy and such is bad. not at all. climate change or no, using more efficient renewable sources of energy such should make cost of living far lower and more affordable. it should be a priority whether you believe in man made climate change or not.

    sadly more people screaming about the end don’t have any idea of how to fix it and just expect that people who have been doing things the same way for 20 or more years do.


      “sadly more people screaming about the end don’t have any idea of how to fix it”

      ^ so people are doing things, call it internet slackdivism call it time wasting. BUT its people trying… sorry its not good enough fast enough and with enough social media behind it.

      Its to bad our goverments fail us, that money walks and bullshit talks, its to bad corruption is a thing and that we can’t see ahead only in front of our own noses.

      “aren’t you glad you added to the conversation like i just did?”

    • I feel like people who want change often don’t know how to do it. Those who can don’t want to change because it’ll eat into their profits.

      I feel like renewables are the way forward. Maybe that and nuclear. (I was originally against nuclear but Thoughty2 changed my mind). Whether it’s for climate change or not. Can you imagine if Australia made their own panels instead of outsourcing it to China, all the jobs that would be made?

      • I know right. it’s a good direction to go in regardless of climate change issues. still people who want change HAVE to figure out how to do it. the others don’t know or care. make a good plan and get people aware of it. then they can’t ignore it.

        • I get where you’re coming from but it’s a bit more complex than that, public knowledge certainly didn’t further innovation in industries like energy, the automotive technology, mining and other forms of resource gathering, it was achieved through research.
          While private investment plays a big part in that, it wouldn’t be possible at that level without tax dollars and publicly funded incentives.

          I get that some calls for change are often heavy handed or filled with multiple agendas but I have to applaud this latest call to action because despite the odd special interest group throwing their bit in to the ring, it’s stayed pretty much on message and the demands are pretty practical.
          It’s not like people are asking for flying cars by weeks end either, their asking for a change of course for the future and the only way that happens is by telling the government to switch focus.

    • Crazy that there is so much uproar about climate change, yet nobody mentioning the fact that animal agriculture is one of the biggest contributors to climate change and one of the single biggest things a person can do to minimise their impact on this earth is to not consume animal products.

      • Except agriculture for things like soy and almonds and ask the stuff that replace meat are destroying carbon sequestring forests.

        The real issue is that industrial agriculture as a whole is steeped in fossil fuel use and we’re back to the fact that moving away from fossil fuels underpins pretty much every good we can do.

        There’s plenty of other things we can do, but “stop eating meat” isn’t going to fix a damn thing on its own.

        • No one’s saying it’s going to fix it on it’s own, but frankly it really seems this response comes up with every aspect to action against climate change…

          “Doing won’t fix a thing on it’s own”

          Of course it won’t. There’s no single thing which is causing climate change on it’s own, or single person. It’s everyone in every little thing that they do all adding up. Which means we have to change almost *everything* we are doing, so that all of the little changes add up.

          We don’t need to destroy any forests to cover plant based food for *humans*. Most of the deforestation currently occurring is due to animal agriculture, if not for the animals directly then for the food they consume.

          It’s not saying don’t eat meat. It’s saying that animals are an incredibly inefficient means of producing calories and nutrients, and that is a huge part of our society which needs to change.

          • Which is to an extent a fair call, but it still comes under the banner of CO2 creation. So I guess we’re talking past each other in that I agree that it would help to an extent, but it helps as a subset of the other thing.
            Besides, even if we just stop farming meat entirely, the system as a whole is built upon fossil fuel usage. Meat or no meat, we need to either start making food that doesn’t have to travel so far, or find a way to transport it that doesn’t rely on fossil fuel. Preferably both.

        • Only just got around to checking my inbox on here, but last I checked it was something like 70% of soy produce is used to feed livestock. If you were to cut out the feeding and growth of another living being in that cycle, there would be significantly less land use and deforestation in the process of feeding us.

          • Which may be true (I honestly don’t know so I’ll assume you’re right), but it doesn’t fix the problems with factory farming as a practice and didn’t uncouple our food chain from fossil fuels. Which brings us full circle.

    • The fact of the matter is that the everyday person doesn’t necessarily need to know how things need to change – the strike is about sending a message to the big corporations that either do know or can find out and will make the most difference when they change their practices.

  • Definitely buying the game now. Was on the fence, this has tipped me over. I was at the Melbourne protest on Friday. It was a moment of hope in a bleak, bleak world.

  • Keep going the way with you censoring nothing I say is a breach if you want to take this further I will.
    Happy for the courts to decide.

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