Warframe’s Latest Update Adds Playable Guitars

Sometimes space ninjas want to take a break from shooting and killing. Instead, they want to create sweet music. The latest Warframe update gives players that ability, adding a fully playable guitar-like instrument into the game.

These new instruments are called Shawzin and they were added in the latest update that just hit PC this weekend. They appeared previously in the game as background items, but are now fully playable via an emote ability. Once purchased and equipped, players can start jamming almost anywhere in the game. Other players can hear your songs, or if you aren’t very good, they can be annoyed by your attempts to play music.

Already the Warframe community has embraced the new guitars and many players have released videos showcasing them playing popular songs, including Despactio and Through The Fire And The Flames.

The in-game controls for the instrument are more impressive than you might think, even allowing players to change scales or activate a metronome.

One crafty player has actually created a real-life guitar-shaped controller they can use to play the Shawzin in-game.

Players can also record songs and share song codes, which lets other players actually play though the custom song complete with Guitar Hero-like notes and scoring. So yes, this is basically becoming Guitar Hero in space.

Warframe has quietly become one of the most popular online games on the planet, thanks in large part to how often the game is updated with new features, modes, weapons, suits, and missions. The community is also active, often happily welcoming new features or items. Like filling their entire ships with robot vacuum cleaners after one was added into the game earlier this year.

Currently, the update and the sweet new guitar are only available on the PC version of the game.


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