What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I’ve got a long train journey ahead of me on the weekend, which is the perfect accompaniment for the Switch and a boundary or two.

I’m still working on my Cricket 19 save on the Switch, slowly knocking my way into contention for Australian selection. It’s been a good way to test out the new SN30 Pro+ controller I picked up recently from Amazon, especially since the game’s classic controls for bowling aren’t conducive for long-lasting JoyCons (rotating the left thumbstick sounds like a perfect way to get controller drift).

But I’ll spend a bit more time playing it this weekend because I’m headed down to see my parents, one of whom has been battling with a pretty brutal bout of cancer. Things look OK for now — but you never know how these things go. So for the most part, most of this weekend will be cooking, maybe watching some TV, and just spending some time having some hard conversations. Some of you probably know what that’s like.


I've been stuck in a hotel room for a couple of hours, slamming out some morning stories, responding to emails and finishing as much work before the day's schedule overwhelms me. I hadn't showered, but I knew I had a spare 15 or 20 minutes. Just enough time for some coffee, maybe an egg or two, and a chat with a friend.

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What are you playing this weekend?


  • UPLAY+ 1 month free has given me the ability to try the games I’ve never wanted to buy, but always wanted to try.

    1) The Division 2 (Started last night and the graphics are AWESOME)
    2) Assassins Creed Origin (Doubt I’ll finish but will definitely give it ago)

  • I’ll try and chip away at Uncharted 4 again, working on collecting all the treasures and enjoying another run through. Feel like the franchise peaked with 2 and 4 so enjoying it. And I’ll probably boot up Breath of the Wild again, enjoyed starting a fresh save

  • I picked up Slay the Spire in the latest Humble Monthly which is incredibly my jam.

    Also been playing through 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors with my partner who is totally hooked, so we’ll try and get through that and maybe even start on Virtues Last Reward.

  • MTG Arena, enjoying the Throne of Eldraine brawl event.
    Still going on Dungeon Travelers 2 but have broken through to some more post-game content, which is keeping it interesting.
    Miku Future Tone
    Borderlands 2

  • Monster Hunter World, just got it, was aware that the expansion is out soon so figured there would be an influx of players, currently cruising through the story no real rush to get to higher levels.

    Fair few players floating around lower quests so its not completely dead down in the bottom ranks.

  • Destiny and Minecraft mostly – trying out Stoneblock 2 this time around, and despairing at how long it’s taking to breed Draconium chickens. Also started the Spiderman DLC a few nights ago, so will be slowly working through that if I get time.

  • Still more Three Houses, I’m sure. Inching my way to that first completion. I have to make time for the FFXIV anniversary event too.

  • Triple Triad, it’s a great game were you travel an open world challenging people to a cards trying to get the whole set.

    There is a mini game where you fight monsters and try saving the world from an evil Sorceres as well.

  • All the best for the weekend, Alex. Hope things go as well as they can.

    As for the thread topic, I’m going to ease myself into the nostalgia bath that is the SNES collection through Switch Online, as well as hooning around some more in Wreckfest and Forza Horizon 4, all while hopefully watching the Cats smash the Pies and the Aussies retain the Ashes. It’s my first weekend off work in about three months so there might be some sleeping in there as well. 🙂

  • 1. Alex all the best for your family

    2. I am also doing a lot of travel in the next month (Melbourne to Denmark this weekend, then back to Melbourne on Friday, then to Singapore the following Monday, then back to Melbourne on the weekend before a 2 week driving holiday around Australia) and am going hardcore into backlog

    I had my vita ready with Borderlands 2 (realised I never finished it there) and thought it might be good before Borderlands 3 is out and Sly 2 cause, it’s awesome on Vita.
    On Switch I was looking forward to getting back to Skyrim.

    Of course Nintendo threw all that out the window with the SNES online coming in today, so I’ll probably end up going through Mario World for the 10th time and starting Zelda for the 20th time!

  • Picked up Rainbow Six Siege last week, been playing that solo so far, might finally try it multiplayer this weekend. Plus a bit more No Man’s Sky and Detroit Become Human.

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