What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Weekends are great for long sleeps, but once you’re refreshed and recharged there’s plenty on the cards.

I started playing a little bit of Underlords again after having a long chat with a friend (through Twitch, oddly). The game’s changed substantially over the last month. Apart from the natural balance changes and adjustments to hero pricing, there’s the concept of free rerolls — amazing if you love low percentage strategies like me — and more bonus items that can completely screw up the board.

There’s dummy characters that basically act like a giant taunt, barriers you can use to zone out assassins from your back line, a healing ward (!!!) and a tombstone that spawns zombies.

That has a huge impact on your positioning, so it’s been fun to mess around with. I’ve also been playing around with the tinier Glorious Model O- mouse, which has meant a good chunk of CS:GO and Overwatch as part of that testing. (But way too much time spent playing as a tank.)

If that wasn’t enough, there’s still WoW: Classic levelling, Borderlands 3 has just dropped, older games that I’ve wanted to revisit like Observation and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and stuff like Greedfall. And if all goes well, a bit of Untitled Goose Game. Fingers crossed an email comes in for that.

What are you playing this weekend?


    • Man of Medan is quite enjoyable, especially if you liked the style of gameplay in Until Dawn, without the controller throwing ‘keep the controller still’ mechanic. The replacement which is a heartbeat minigame is much better.

  • I finally got my hands on Spider-man on PS4 and also have the time to play. Here’s to bringing down Doc and whoever else get’s thrown at me.

  • Gears 5, and testing whether a new BIOS updated un-killed one of my PC’s fan headers which a previous BIOS update made non-functional

  • Finally beat the last boss in sekiro so I’ve done everything now, what a fucking ride. Onto my division 2 campaign run, some more apex and some gears 5 campaign

  • Bought Greedfall but no time to play. Running three tabletop games at a local convention in Adelaide which should be good fun. I collect a lot of rpgs but rarely get to use them.

    * F.A.I.T.H. the Sci-fi RPG – Comes across a bit like intergalactic shadowrun but a far simpler system.
    * Polaris RPG – Dystopia beneath the waves.
    * Fragged Aeternum – A Bloodborne style rpg by an Australian designer.

    Next week I shall get to play Greedfall and maybe some Gears 5.

  • I’m housesitting so without my PC. Which leaves my 3DS and Switch (aka my Fire Emblem systems)

    On a plus note I just finished my first playthrough of Three Houses. 150:06 hours on the clock but there was probably another 10+ hours of save scumming!

    So suffering through Maddening difficulty. Trying FE Warriors. Maybe some Fire Emblem Echoes

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