What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Weekends are great for long sleeps, but once you're refreshed and recharged there's plenty on the cards.

I started playing a little bit of Underlords again after having a long chat with a friend (through Twitch, oddly). The game's changed substantially over the last month. Apart from the natural balance changes and adjustments to hero pricing, there's the concept of free rerolls — amazing if you love low percentage strategies like me — and more bonus items that can completely screw up the board.

There's dummy characters that basically act like a giant taunt, barriers you can use to zone out assassins from your back line, a healing ward (!!!) and a tombstone that spawns zombies.

That has a huge impact on your positioning, so it's been fun to mess around with. I've also been playing around with the tinier Glorious Model O- mouse, which has meant a good chunk of CS:GO and Overwatch as part of that testing. (But way too much time spent playing as a tank.)

If that wasn't enough, there's still WoW: Classic levelling, Borderlands 3 has just dropped, older games that I've wanted to revisit like Observation and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and stuff like Greedfall. And if all goes well, a bit of Untitled Goose Game. Fingers crossed an email comes in for that.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Borderlands 3. First time in a long time I've bought a game day 1 of release. Hopefully I don't regret it...

    MHW: Iceborne by day, Destiny by night, Stoneblock by sleep (I love automated resource generation :P).

    Passive aggressively waving my diplomatic boner around Teer Fradee, for I am the Legate of the Congregation of Merchants.

    I have Iceborne, Borderlands 3, Man of Medan, Children of Morta and gears 5 all installed. Which to choose?!

      Man of Medan is quite enjoyable, especially if you liked the style of gameplay in Until Dawn, without the controller throwing ‘keep the controller still’ mechanic. The replacement which is a heartbeat minigame is much better.

        Yeah seems ok so far. The jump scares though man, my heart can only handle so much.

    I finally got my hands on Spider-man on PS4 and also have the time to play. Here's to bringing down Doc and whoever else get's thrown at me.

    To join the cultural cliche: Borderlands 3 and probably some indie games on the XBone Game Pass.

    Gears 5, and testing whether a new BIOS updated un-killed one of my PC's fan headers which a previous BIOS update made non-functional

    Finally beat the last boss in sekiro so I've done everything now, what a fucking ride. Onto my division 2 campaign run, some more apex and some gears 5 campaign

    Bought Greedfall but no time to play. Running three tabletop games at a local convention in Adelaide which should be good fun. I collect a lot of rpgs but rarely get to use them.

    * F.A.I.T.H. the Sci-fi RPG - Comes across a bit like intergalactic shadowrun but a far simpler system.
    * Polaris RPG - Dystopia beneath the waves.
    * Fragged Aeternum - A Bloodborne style rpg by an Australian designer.

    Next week I shall get to play Greedfall and maybe some Gears 5.

    Got monster Hunter world on the cheap so it will be taking up most of my weekend.

    I’m housesitting so without my PC. Which leaves my 3DS and Switch (aka my Fire Emblem systems)

    On a plus note I just finished my first playthrough of Three Houses. 150:06 hours on the clock but there was probably another 10+ hours of save scumming!

    So suffering through Maddening difficulty. Trying FE Warriors. Maybe some Fire Emblem Echoes

    I might buy Borderlands 3. Maybe. I will definitely play a bit of Torchlite 2.

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