What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
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Sometimes you just need to play something a little competitive — but not too competitive — to unwind.

I’ve always found Mario Kart 8 is great for that. It’s something my partner and I like to play every now and again, knock out a Grand Prix or three. Neither of us don’t take it seriously, but it’s also not something you completely take seriously either. It’s something when you’re mechanically engaged, but mentally you’re just having a laugh and shutting off a little.

Beyond that, I’ve been spending a bit of time with a point-and-click visual novel on my Steam Wishlist, Minotaur. It’s only in early access, so there’s only one of the five playable characters, but the first few chapters have been engaging so far.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • I got a little time with the Ghost Recon Breakpoint open beta this morning, and will probably spend a lot more time with it on the weekend.

    I loved Wildlands, but Breakpoint is… confusing. Or rather, it seems confused. It’s like they wanted to inject some Far Cry and Divison into Ghost Recon, along with some other MMO elements.

    After a few hours, I’m pretty concerned about the looter-shooter elements, the classes, the UI, the ‘shared world social hub’, the herb+mineral gathering/crafting ‘survival lite’ elements, and the introduction of drones as an excuse to add bullet-sponges. There’s a lot of unnecessary bullshit in there that does NOT improve the game from Wildlands and instead feels like it detracts from the predecessor’s deeply satisfying gameplay loop of, ‘recon, setup, execute’ as the ultimate apex predator power fantasy.

    And the optimization is… bad. Wildlands both looks better AND performs better than Breakpoint on my rig. That’s not something that should happen to a sequel – I’d expect one to come at the cost of the other, rather than just being worse at both.

    I’m sure they’ve got some more tweaking to do pre-release, but damn, dude. You’d think they’d have that pretty much sorted by open beta.

  • I’m still playing Crash Team Racing this weekend because the Spyro and Friends Grand Prix finishes on Sunday and when the Spyro and Friends Grand Prix finishes this Sunday I’m going to be ready for the next Grand Prix which is the Halloween Grand Prix as the team at Activision and Beenox will be getting ready for Halloween which is about to turn spooky.
    Because when the sun goes down and the clock strikes 12 it will be midnight scariness as we get ready for Halloween and the Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Halloween Grand Prix.

  • Well, now Minotaur is on my wishlist too. I won’t be playing it until release though so I get the full story experience.
    This weekend will be some God Eater with friends, some Borderlands 3, and some Torchlight II. Or it might be completely different, my plans tend to be written in the sand at high tide.

  • Some Borderlands 3 mixed up with some Trails of Cold Steel 2 and then finish off the weekend with drinks and mates watching Australia v Wales in the World Cup. Go Wallabies!

  • A lot of Destiny 2, prepping for Shadowkeep next week, and some Surge 2 which I picked up a couple of days ago and have been quite enjoying.

  • When I’m not cosplaying as Alois from Three Houses at Sydney Comicon, I’ll likely be playing … Three Houses. Maybe some Echoes as well!

    I had a look at the character creator for Code Vein and you can consider me daunted.

  • Fitting Hunt Showdown, Borderlands 3 and hopefully some Sonar Captain around a Kill Team tournament.

    That said I know people claim BL isn’t known for its writing, but bloody hell does BL3 feel phoned in. I am pretty close to ditching it.

  • Link’s Awakening (I’m about halfway I think), some Puzzle Quest, a bit of Control, and a few games of ProEvo2020 in there as well.

  • I can’t stop playing borderlands 3. I’m only. Lv 25 with my Siren build but having some fun. Control I’ll try and finish and maybe start ni no Kuni on PS4.

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