When Have You Taken A Day Off To Play Video Games?

I don't know if it's a universal thing, but in any office I've been at, you can generally spot who the gamers are by looking at the amount of annual leave that's banked up. For whatever reason, gamers tend to be the ones in the offices that rarely take annual leave, are generally the ones working over public holidays and Christmas ... until a major release comes out.

I was talking to a mate the other day, one I've spent way, way too many late nights and weekends playing Counter-Strike with. We hadn't caught up in a while, but I'd fired up WoW Classic and he was on, so I said hello. He played a ton of WoW in between scrims back in the day, so naturally he was on back on the Classic train.

Unsurprisingly, and because you needed several hours to get through the first-day queues anyway, he'd taken a week off work. He had a ton banked up anyway, because he's in one of those roles where you're the centerpoint of a lot of discussions and getting effective cover is usually too much of a pain in the arse. So when Classic rolled around, he opted to have a nice chill week working through queues like it was 2006.

PAX Australia is something that a lot of people take a day — usually the Friday or the Monday after — but that's not quite the same as, for instance, taking leave to binge Super Mario Odyssey or Breath of the Wild. (Or Death Stranding.)

So I'm curious to hear from you. What games resonated so strongly on your radar that you burned your precious annual leave or time off — or even took a sickie — just so you had some uninterrupted time to plow through a story or questline?


    I was legitimately sick, but I played Uncharted 4 for review in one fell swoop on a sick day. It was all a bit of a blur due to the head cold, but I felt like it was a fantastic way go really get into the story. And because I was sick I didn't feel the usual obligation to do the usual housework

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    Breath of the Wild is the only game I've done this for.

    GTA V release day. I think I did for Red Dead 1 as well, but too long ago to remember.

    Halo 3 and Modern Warfare 2(COD)

    After Halo 3 my boss called me "Halo" for the following 3 months. My fault considering i put "halo" as the leave reason lol

    Yep, did it for WoW back in the day. Extended my new year break until the end of January for BC, and then took all of November off for WotLK, only to quit WoW shortly after the new year.

    Haven't done this sort of thing since then; been using my annual leave for actual vacations, and just recently to do some renovations around the house.

    WoW: Wrath of the Lich King.

    Wasn't going to take day off but thought why not as hadn't taken a day off all year.
    Went to the midnight launch, was up until 3.00 am for downloads. Fell asleep at my table. Woke up at 7.00. Work was 7.30am but relieved actually taken day off. Jumped on and joined queues for new dungeons, played until 8.00 pm that night. Contemplated taking next day off and did. Good times.

      God, that was such an amazing expansion, too. Heading in to Howling Fjord for the first time...

    Destiny 2 Launch.

    Was a good time.

    Tried to do it for Anthem, but due to that dumpster fire, i went to work as I couldnt stay connected for more than 30 seconds...

    Launch days are increasingly fraught. It's heading into late afternoon now for the Borderlands 3 launch day and there still isn't a single console review up on metacritic. I wouldn't want to take a day off to waste it on a crummy mess.

    I've never taken a day off just for the purpose of playing a video game. I've purchased games on release day but I've always waited until after work before firing them up.

    However when I take sick days (which is reasonably rare), I usually take advantage of the fact that I'm home anyway so play some games unless I'm flat on my back.

    I can't recall the games but I used to do it a bit back in the day.
    My boss hated it but he couldn't say crap because he was doing the same thing.

    ..there's been a few...
    Took a week off for GTA V
    Took a day off for Bioshock Infinite
    Took a day off for Deus Ex Mankind Divided
    Took two days off for Destiny
    Finished early for Forsaken
    Sadly, I'm casual atm so I have to now stay up late on night of release and go into work monged out

    Did it recently for Spiderman and Red Dead 2. Also needed the days off for a mental break so it worked out well

    Back when I was in my early 20s, I'd call in sick whenever the Alterac Valley queue poppped, then spend the next 18hrs PVPing in it. If I was lucky, that would be the day that it would complete, too.

    It's been a long time since I've taken time off for the sake of a game.

    These days more than ever it's more likely that the game will be sub-optimal if not completely inaccessible in the first couple days it comes out anyway.

    But mostly, my scheduled time off is when I need a mental health break, and I spend it playing video games usually, so does that count?

    I've taken days off for every WoW expansion. not on Tuesday when it launches, but either from Wednesday or Thursday onward.

    I normally bank my holidays for end of year to visit family anyway so one or two days isn't exactly going to throw my plans out of whack

    When I was in school I faked a sick day.

    But no not any more, family and other commitments have changed my perspective.

      Same. It was Halo 3 for me. I legitimately was a bit crook, but I played it up to get the day off so I could stay in bed and finish the fight.

    Animal Crossing on GCN. Of all the games, this is the first time I called in sick and lied. Felt like shit about it for weeks. Also, when we played FFXI, three of our guild members died in the same car crash in the US and four of my IRL friends and I all went home to log in and support the one guy left (they'd all been friends since primary school and he wasn't in the car, but lost his WHOLE group of friends in one go). Eventually he moved from the US to Newcastle and started dating one of my friends.

      Wow, that is an incredible story. I couldn't imagine going through that, bloody hell. Good of you all to do that. Just goes to show that friends on the internet are real friends too, actually.

    Have to admit I have never done this.
    Kind of want to now though.
    I mean I've sat there and played a bunch of games whilst actually sick but that's the closest.
    Unfortunately I have a bit of a strong work ethic, and for the last couple of years not needed to be in the office to do my job, so even when sick I usually just work from home.
    If I am too sick to work I'm probably too sick to play anything. :P

    I was sick just before MGS5's release, and I ended up taking a few days off school in Year 12 in 2015 to play the crap out of it, even though I was better by that point. I was so goddamn hyped for its release and excited to play it that I didn't regret it at all.

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    Friday 6th September 2019 - for a terrible launch of NBA2k20. It was/is plagued with problems and micro-transaction but it is the only game that I enjoy the social aspect of and have a regular group of IRL friends that play.

    Took a sickie off work to play Breath of the Wild on launch day.
    Played it all day, and it was glorious. ^_^

    Ha, so true. All my workmates have basically no leave, but I'm the one who always works through Christmas to keep it banked up.

    I don't do it for a release as much, these days most things are too broken on day 1 anyway. Breath of the Wild was definitely an exception though - banked on Nintendo having that release with the Switch launch be a good one. Didn't disappoint, something like 45 hours from Friday through Monday... don't know if I could that all the time, but it sure was great for that.

    Last couple of years I've taken my leave around Easter - this year was especially great, 10 annual leave days was 19 straight sweet days of relaxing, with plenty of games.

    My birthday generally falls around E3 too, so I use that 4 day week with the queens bday to have a "video game" week. Watch all the conferences when I get up, check out live streams and stuff, play some games in the arvo. Works out pretty great that one.

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    Mass effect 2, I got the night off from the pub I worked at as it backed onto my rdo'. Was 100% worth it.

    I called in sick a couple of times so I could keep playing GTA San Andreas. I worked a late shift so I'd play through the day and then miss the bus to get to work so I'd call in sick. Haven't done it since that I can recall.

    Simple, every WoW release and that's about it. Usually took a week off but managed to hit cap in about 2 days.

    SSX Tricky on day one with the missus. A truly great day!

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