When Have You Taken A Day Off To Play Video Games?

I don't know if it's a universal thing, but in any office I've been at, you can generally spot who the gamers are by looking at the amount of annual leave that's banked up. For whatever reason, gamers tend to be the ones in the offices that rarely take annual leave, are generally the ones working over public holidays and Christmas ... until a major release comes out.

I was talking to a mate the other day, one I've spent way, way too many late nights and weekends playing Counter-Strike with. We hadn't caught up in a while, but I'd fired up WoW Classic and he was on, so I said hello. He played a ton of WoW in between scrims back in the day, so naturally he was on back on the Classic train.

Unsurprisingly, and because you needed several hours to get through the first-day queues anyway, he'd taken a week off work. He had a ton banked up anyway, because he's in one of those roles where you're the centerpoint of a lot of discussions and getting effective cover is usually too much of a pain in the arse. So when Classic rolled around, he opted to have a nice chill week working through queues like it was 2006.

PAX Australia is something that a lot of people take a day — usually the Friday or the Monday after — but that's not quite the same as, for instance, taking leave to binge Super Mario Odyssey or Breath of the Wild. (Or Death Stranding.)

So I'm curious to hear from you. What games resonated so strongly on your radar that you burned your precious annual leave or time off — or even took a sickie — just so you had some uninterrupted time to plow through a story or questline?


    I kind of do over Xmas - take a week's holiday and if I'm not at the MCG/AAMI Park/Marvel Stadium for test cricket or soccer or BBL/WBBL, then I'll try to play a game right through with my time off. Used to be my annual Assassin's Creed fest but I'm a bit behind. I started HZD after Frozen Wilds came out and did a week of that over the hols.

    Actually taking a day SPECIFICALLY to play a new game... never. Got burned too many times with day one patches to take time off work to deal with that crap... :)

    Honestly never have, I'm a very patient person, I don't see how I would be missing out on anything at all by not playing it the day it's released.

    Last one I did this for would absolutely have to be two days off work for Monster Hunter World. Totally worth it.

    Why wouldn't you plan to take time off for a game that you're excited about?

    Only two days i've taken games off for were RDR 2 after picking it up at the midnight launch and Horizon Zero Dawn, both games came out on days where the family was at work/childcare and i could have the house to myself.

    I haven't take a day off, but I have done a thing where I've finished work, played a game all night, didn't sleep, then did my next shift plus overtime, slamming down energy drinks

    Pretty sure my body hated me

    Skyrim launch instantly comes to mind. Worth it.

    I took a week off from work when WoW Legion came about.

    I was the lover of a married woman at the time and ended up spending most of the time gained fornicating.

      Not sure what it is, but from my experience women tend to be more horny through the day.

    One time I had my wrist and my other arm broken at the same time from a skateboard accident so I had to take time off from video games. Kind of the opposite but hey that was a fun time.

    I've booked leave for some of the show stoppers;
    Skyrim, Witcher 3, Dragon age Inquisition and next year, Cyberpunk 2077.

    I've gotten weird looks over the years and coped a bit of flack from partners.
    But screw it. People take a week off to go fishing, I can take time off to play a landmark game I've often been waiting YEARS for.

    Took days here and there back in the Vanilla WoW days, took 2 weeks for WotLK. Haven't done anything like that since although I was sick at the start of this month and coincidently had just started playing Classic. Was legit sick though so didn't put too much time into the game unfortunately.

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