Wii U Gem Tokyo Mirage Sessions Is Coming To Switch

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, the crossover between Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem, is coming to Switch. Rejoice!

I never got to play Tokyo Mirage Session, despite it being one hundred per cent my thing. You’re a high schooler that’s also a pop star, that also has a kinda sorta persona, like in the series Persona, and also your persona is a Fire Emblem character?

It is like Atlus reached into my dreams to make this. Unfortunately, it was only available on Wii U when it came out. Now it’s coming to Switch, finally.

The Switch port of Tokyo Mirage Sessions, subtitled #FE Encore, will be out on January 17, 2020. I’ll be practicing my routine in the mirror until then.


    Continuing the saga of "Why did I even buy a Wii U?"

      The Fatal Frame game that convinced me once and for all motion controls were a mistake?

        That and the Wii emulator that’s let me play a patched Fatal Frame 4 and the Wii remake of Fatal Frame 2.

      Because Wonderful 101 exists.

        One day it will escape the Wii U as well... One day.

    Maybe in the post-Reggie world of uncensored Switch titles, we’ll actually get the DLC episodes this time around and the original dungeons.

    This was the one port I was really hoping for, so I'm stoked.

    Was waiting for this to be announced.

    Never finished it on the Wii U but enjoyed it a lot.

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