World Of Warcraft Classic Is Currently Facing DDoS Attacks And Is Down For Many Players

World Of Warcraft Classic is currently down for some players. The issues have been happening since around 11 AM EST in the United States. Blizzard has confirmed that the game is currently facing DDoS attacks and is working to fix the issues and get the game back up and running.

Some WOW fans believe they have found the group behind the attacks. Earlier today a Twitter account named UkDrillas claimed credit for the DDoS attack, giving a 30-minute warning before many players began running into connection errors.

It has not been confirmed by Blizzard if this user or group is actually responsible. As of 5:34 EST pm the account was promising more attacks and outages.

On the Blizzard forums, players are upset over the outages and sharing errors they are running into. No word from Blizzard about when servers will be back in working order.


    Is this related to the DDoS attacks that have been affecting Wikipedia, Fitbit and XBox Live as well?

    It truly is WoW classic if it's being plagued with DDoS attacks...

    So Blizzard's not going to go after the losers?

      Depends on how good the attackers are at hiding their location and/or what DDOS service they used.

      Some are good, Some not so good.

        there was a guy tho got done for making a net work then using for DDoS, was easy found but the program is public.

      Blizzard has a whole command centre to respond to DDoS and network intrusions, they do tend to remain quiet on details as they will pass on information to law enforcement first, and pursue them later on civil charges also.

    I really need to wonder what the motivation is for DDoSing the WoW Classic servers. Are they just doing it to be dicks and prevent players from enjoying the game?

      Are they just doing it to be dicks and prevent players from enjoying the game?


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