YouTuber Reported To Police For Saying Powerful Soccer Executive Looks Like A Doraemon Character

Spain’s AuronPlay is one of the biggest video game YouTubers out there, with almost 20 million subscribers. He’s revealed this week that in 2018 he became the subject of a hilarious police complaint by Josep Bartomeu, the president of Barcelona FC, arguably the biggest football club on the planet.

AuronPlay, aka Raul Alvarez, details the complaint in a recent video, where he says that in 2017 — after running with some memes about Neymar’s departure from Barcelona to PSG — he also started started calling Bartomeu “Nobita”, after the hopeless star of Doraemon.

That... is pretty good. And on an internet where some of the worst excesses of human nature are encouraged and amplified, it ranks as a completely harmless observation.

But don’t tell Bartomeu that. As Marca report, in October 2018 AuronPlay received notice of a complaint the Barcelona president had made to police, “for uttering comments against Barcelona, the player (Neymar) and the president”.

It’s wild that Bartomeu was even aware of the comments, let alone upset enough to file a police report, not to mention working under the assumption that getting called Nobita is grounds for legal recourse.

You’d think that he’d have more important things to worry about in his official capacity than some shit a video game YouTuber was talking, like the club’s almost €900 million ($1.5 billion) debt.

The complaint meant AuronPlay had to appear in court, where the judge immediately tossed the case out.

AuronPlay with a copy of the complaint


    The complaint meant AuronPlay had to appear in court, where the judge immediately tossed the case out.


    As someone who is a Barca fan, Bartomeu being this petty is in no way a surprise.

    Guess who just gauranteed the nick name will stick now.

    Great to see it was thrown out, but seriously what law(s) was he claiming under? Being a police complaint surely it's not something like libel/defamation, it'd have to be more like assault or harassment?

      Incredibly there is such a thing as criminal defamation - I think we even had it in Australia at one point. Maybe there’s something like that in Spain. Although the judge seems unimpressed!

    'arguably the biggest football club on the planet'

    Wrong sport, buddy, we're talking about Soccer.

    I would guess that he had a friend in the police who issued the charge on very stretched grounds

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