2500 Classic MS-DOS Games Are Now Free To Play

Remember, the Internet Archive is useful for more than just seeing how embarrassing your old Kotaku posts were. It’s also home to a ton of classic PC games, and 2500 new ones have just been added to the site’s catalogue.

There’s obviously a load of crap among that number, but there are also some damn fine games included, like Alone in the Dark, the PC port of the original Wipeout, Night Trap, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Loom, International Sensible Soccer, The Elder Scrolls: Redguard, Cannon Fodder, B-17 Flying Fortress, Descent and the first two Ultima Underworld games.

That’s some good stuff, and it’s all free to play right on the site, no download needed. You just head here, click on a game and get started, it runs through Dosbox right in the browser.



    Not sure if I'd describe Night Trap as "damn fine". Not even back then, let alone now :P

    I love Loom so much. It makes me so happy to see it getting some love in the header image. Hope the free version is the CD version with voice acting.

    Ultima Underworld 1 and 2 are pretty solid too. Happy DOS day, everyone.

    It’s interesting that a large number of the titles listed are for sale on GOG still. I wonder if there’ll be a flow on effect there.

    I’d still prefer to buy and have an install I can have on disk to playing through a browser but it is cool for those that aren’t available otherwise.

      An important distinction is that you can't save in those browser games.

    still got a working 486 just to play Lemmings. good times

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