A Vintage Horror Manga Exhibition Is Heading To Sydney

A Vintage Horror Manga Exhibition Is Heading To Sydney
Image: Panorama of Hell (Jigoku-hen) by Hideshi Hino

While manga has no shortage of fans in the world, one corner has never been incredibly popular in Japan. Horror manga has been steadily produced since the 1960s and a new exhibition soon coming to Australia will offer fans a look at some of the greats of the genre.

The exhibition, RETRO HORROR: Supernatural and the Occult in Postwar Japanese Manga, will show the works of three horror manga artists created between the 1960s and 1990s. The artists, Tsunezo Murotani, Hino Hideshi and Ochazukenori, were chosen as their works best represent the change in style over the decades.

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“Horror manga can be described as manga that seeks to frighten or disturb the reader. Its various subgenres include occult, splatter and psychothrillers,” the exhibition’s curator, Noriaki Suzuki, said.

“To my mind, the appeal of horror manga lies in allowing yourself as the reader to be affected by expressions of the frightening or inexplicable, which are designed by the artists to provoke an instinctive response.”

Jigoku hen wall (Panorama of Hell) by Hideshi Hino. Image: Supplied

Outside of the actual works being shown, attendees can also take advantage of a manga lounge with more than 80 horror manga works in English and Japanese as well as an event program, including a manga drawing workshop and talks.

If you’re keen to take a look at the works up close, the exhibition will run from October 18 to January 24, 2020 in Chippendale’s The Japan Foundation.

Sangekikan zombies (Horror Mansion) by Ochazukenori. Image: Supplied

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