All Elite Wrestling Features Crossover With Rick And Morty, Undertale

All Elite Wrestling Features Crossover With Rick And Morty, Undertale
Screenshot: @kaleisYT via Twitter/AEW

This week’s episode of All Elite Wrestling featured some surprise guest stars. The new show teamed up with Rick and Morty for a wild crossover that saw the tag team of Chuck Taylor, Trent Beretta and Orange Cassidy cosplaying as Morty and the Council of Ricks for their match. But the surprises didn’t stop there, with AEW star (and part time gamer) Kenny Omega making his entrance dressed as Sans from Undertale, complete with a custom entrance video.

The partnership was first teased on October 25, with AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes confirming the partnership would mean attendees would receive Rick and Morty masks. Beyond that, it was unclear what exactly would be going down on their October 31 show. Now, fans have their answer.

The action unfolded fast as Taylor, Beretta and Orange Cassidy took on the Beaver Boys and QT Marshall.

They even featured a Rick and Morty-themed ring.

Image: Justin Roberts/@JustinRoberts via Twitter

But that wasn’t the only crossover waiting in the wings. Kenny Omega, long-time gamer made his AEW entrance dressed as Sans from iconic RPG Undertale.

Omega has a long history of wrestling cosplays, from Final Fantasy‘s Sephiroth to The Terminator, and has even previously collaborated with Undertale collaborator Toby Fox on a Wrestle Kingdom entrance for Japan’s NJPW (the equivalent of WrestleMania for Japanese wrestling).

AEW Wrestler Kenny Omega dresses as Sans from r/Undertale

AEW began just this month, but it’s already vying for the title of America’s number one wrestling promotion, in direct opposition to the better known WWE. Crossovers like this are wild and silly in the world of professional wrestling, but they help build mainstream appeal for what remains a niche interest, bridging the gap between wrestling fans and fans of wider pop culture. Will we see more of these in the future? It’s highly likely! For now, just enjoy the fun, weird ride that AEW is sending its audience on. Wrestling is good.


  • I haven’t read the article in case of any spoilers before I watch the episode tonight. I hope AEW doesn’t go the cheesy WCW route of the crossovers with RoboCop and Chucky.

    In saying that, I’ve been enjoying AEW for what it is, a startup promotion with episodes that haven’t even run into the double digits yet. They’ve got a heck of a talented roster on their hands, I’d like a couple of backstage segments now and then though.

    • I think you are mistaken. He works with Pro Wrestling EGO a smaller indie promotion in Mississippi and a few other small indie promotions.

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