After Distasteful Comment, Bushiroad Exec Apologises

Screenshot: Bushiroad

Out of nowhere, it was revealed that the character Lisa in the Bang Dream media franchise has a younger brother. Fans who have been playing the app since 2017 are now learning this in the most recent event. Some are not happy. Bushiroad exec Takaaki Kidani addressed the controversy but made things worse.

In the above screenshot from the event, Lisa mentions that she is sewing a sweater for her little brother. The reason some fans were upset was that the addition seemed sudden after the app has been out so long. It seemed like shoddy storytelling and went against the way fans viewed Lisa.

Since the app was released, they had not been told the character had a little brother, so this was quite a surprise. People were so surprised by the revelation that Lisa’s name actually began trending in Japan on Twitter.

During a live stream for another anime, Kidani tried to address the little brother controversy. When discussing the in-game character, he told the women voice actors on the panel to cover their ears and instead of divulging the new sibling’s backstory, he said, “As long as it’s a father and a little brother whose penis can’t get hard that’s ok.” In short, he said that male characters can be added as long as they are fathers or pre-pubescent boys. It was an odd thing to say!

This comment didn’t go over well, and Kidani ended up apologising on Twitter, saying that he thought the stream wasn’t live and that his inappropriate comment would be bleeped out.

That apology didn’t go over well, either. On Twitter, it was repeatedly pointed out to him that the lack of bleeping wasn’t the issue.

Rather, it was the distasteful and flippant way he addressed the issue, which showed little regard to players, live-stream viewers, and panel participants. Making a comment about male genitalia in front of these voice actors (in a stream for another anime for that matter) was seen as embarrassing and disrespectful.


    What the fuck did he think was going to happen, here?

    This is why we have PR departments.

    Japan needs to stop sexualising school girls. I understand that pretty much all of anime exists with a cast of school children but they definitely need to have anime that features a predominantly adult cast of characters, so people in 20's and up can enjoy something that doesn't sexualise children and we wouldn't have inappropriate comments like this

      Every season, wall-to-wall high school anime. Almost none of which deal with realistic, emotionally-mature relationships.

      This automatically elevates my attention paid to any show I can see that does NOT take place in a high school or with teenagers.

      It sucks... but I'm just not the market they're clearly chasing.

      There are plenty of anime featuring a predominantly adult/young adult cast, it's just that people have formed a cognitive bias that anime is all school age children because that's what features predominantly in most discussion about it.

      If you're looking try Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champaloo, Trigun, Death Note, Slayers, Steins;Gate, Arakawa Under the Bridge, Black Lagoon, any Lupin III series, any Ghost in the Shell series, Ergo Proxy, Fullmetal Alchemist (and Brotherhood), Hellsing Ultimate, Drifters, Fate Zero, Death Parade, Berserk, Mushishi, Spice and Wolf, Log Horizon, Monster, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Tiger and Bunny, Bubblegum Crisis, Recovery of an MMO Junkie, Hozuki's Coolheadedness...

      And that's not even the tip of the iceberg.

        Yeah, saying anime is full of school aged Children is like saying gaming is just for kids.

        That's a great list (which happens to span several decades), but it's also understating the problem.

        Check the list of new series being released every season and it's overwhelmingly dominated by young teen characters. It always is. Every quarter. To say that it's 'all school age children' might not be 100% accurate, but it's probably about 90-95% accurate.

        That's a lot of noise to fight through if you're looking for more mature fare. The shows you cited are exceptional, in more than one meaning of the word.

          That might be so. On the other hand, I feel that dismissing all anime set on high-schools (or with high-school-aged kids) as inherently worthless for a discerning adult is also incorrect. Mawaru Penguindrum, Tsuritama, Assassination Classroom, Made in Abyss, Kokoro Connect, Evangelion, Saikano, Madoka Magica, Nichijou, 5cm/s, Wolf Children, Your Voice and many other series and movies come to mind which explore complex and rich emotional and intellectual issues.

          I get what you're saying, I do. But I feel as though you're casting a bit too wide a net. I'd say the percentage of entirely juvenile and lightweight stuff (not that there's anything wrong with it) is only around 60% (up to 75% in a bad season). So yes, some sifting is necessary but you're more likely to find something worth your time than not at all.

    Sounds like the same type of crying that happens from "fans" when their headcanon relationships aren't made canon in the game.

    Well... this sure took a sudden detour from "how dare you not mention an unimportant tangential character before now?!" whining, into that.

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