Anime's Dance Sequence Looks Similar To A YouTuber's Choreography

Stars Align premiered on October 10. (Screenshot: TBS)

Melochin has been uploading his dances to YouTube for years. Recently, he noticed that the ending sequence for this season’s anime Stars Align looks like a routine he uploaded back in 2016.

Judge for yourself in this comparison Melochin made to see how the anime’s sequence compares to his work.

Here is his original upload.

What do you think? Are the dances at the end of Stars Align too similar to Melochin’s moves?


    Does it really matter tho? Youtubers have been doing dances from anime since the beginning, so turnabout seems only fair.

      Choreography is protected by copyright so there could be grounds for a lawsuit.

      It'd be nice if the article mentioned this, or even had some sort of statement from either of the parties about what course of action they plan to take though.

    The Fortnite lawsuits basically ruled that dance moves can't be copyrighted.

    What is the point of this article? Does it matter if they're the same? Is there a lawsuit? Is there some conclusion about emerging trends to draw from this? Has this influenced the price of tea in China?

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