Another Popular Twitch Streamer, King Gothalion, Moves To Mixer

Another Popular Twitch Streamer, King Gothalion, Moves To Mixer

You can now add another popular Twitch streamer to the growling list of streamers making the switch to competing service Mixer. This time its Cory “King Gothalion” Michael making the move to stream on the Microsoft owned Mixer.

Over on Twitch, Michael has over one million followers. But he announced today on Twitter that he is moving to Mixer. Currently, his new Mixer account has already racked up nearly 11,000 followers only a few hours after announcing the news.

In a video announcing the move, Michael explained that he believes working closer with Xbox and Microsoft would allow him to help more streamers, raise more money for charity and throw larger gaming events.

He also mentioned that he will still appear on other streams on other platforms, though his own main channel will be Mixer exclusive. Micahel swapping to Mixer follows two other popular streamers, Ninja and Shroud, who both made the same move.

It seems Mixer is serious about growing its service. But even after arguably the biggest streamer in the world, Ninja, moved to the service back in August, Mixer didn’t see a huge increase in its viewership numbers. It seems it might take more than just a few big names to catch up with Twitch.


  • I still just shrug nonchalantly at these announcements. This is basically the equivalent of Channel Ten getting the rights to a show that used to air on Channel Seven. Well, except that it requires setting up a new account on a new platform and downloading a new client.

    • I think of these as more of a PSA, to let people know where they can find a streamer if they didn’t know. It’s also a way for people to see there are other options for vieweing and sharing streaming content outside of Twitch.

    • He streams mainly Destiny content, and started with a bunch of others the GuardianCon event which after 5 years is now called GCX (Gaming Community Expo). Does a lot community and charity events in his streams

    • Similar boat.

      I have to wonder, does the average twitch view exclusively watch these big names and little to nobody else? Or is the average viewer like me, someone who watches small pool of smaller names, but doesn’t pay much heed to the big leagues?

      • Not sure about the average viewer but I get the impression these big streamers have some very loyal, deep pocketed fans that are very invested in the idea that they’re parts of these massive communities. From what I understand about this guy he moves a lot of money around. That might be the long term plan. Worry less about increasing the viewer base and more about getting that first wave of big cash circulating. I mean if word gets out that there are bored, loyal big spenders on Mixer, as well as easier to penetrate niches, it could drum up interest from the smaller streamers who make up the foundation of Twitch.

        On Twitch getting into Ninja’s niche is nearly impossible. It’s beyond over saturated at this point. On Mixer it’s still incredibly hard and unlikely, but if you have a complementary streaming schedule the odds of a significant number of his viewers trickling down to you are much better. Giving up a solid position on Twitch for a chance at something bigger on Mixer would be dumb, but if a streamer is starting out or struggling on Twitch then Mixer might seem like a chance to break in on the ground floor. I’d definitely be downplaying the raw viewer counts and focusing my pitch on growth potential if I were trying to pull over streamers to Mixer.

        That said maybe this isn’t their goal at all and they’re dumb enough to think that throwing cash at huge streamers is all they need to do to make their platform work. Wouldn’t be the first time they’ve sunk millions into something they were completely out of touch with.

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