Artificial Intelligence Is Creating New Art From A Deceased Manga Great

Screenshot: Kioxia

One of Japan’s greatest, if not the greatest, manga creators is coming back thanks to the power of AI. Osamu Tezuka died in 1989, but next year, artificial intelligence will create new Tezuka art.

Tezuka is known for influential works like Astro Boy, Princess Knight, and Kimba the White Lion.

Screenshot: Kioxia

Toshiba’s latest data project is called Kioxia and using its high-speed large capacity memory of artificial intelligence will create new Tezuka art based on immense digitised volumes of work the artist produced during his lifetime.

The project is supposed by Tezuka Productions.


    It's cool that we can do this, but it also feels kinda off.
    Your death won't stop you from creating work, but that work might not be something you would've made.
    Kinda straddles the lines of ethics and etc.

    A little disappointing; I thought the video was going to be going into great detail about this "AI creating artist's art" but it's just a 2 minute ad with 7 seconds of Tezuka's art, and the VO doesn't go into detail about it.

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