Bomberman Anime Villain’s Music Is Basically The Seinfeld Theme

Bomberman Anime Villain’s Music Is Basically The Seinfeld Theme

Mujoe, a blonde professional wrestler wearing sunglasses, has served as a foil to Konami’s bomb-tossing hero since 1996’s Saturn Bomberman. The villain really came into his own in theanime series Bomberman Jetters, where he got his very own theme music — well, Jerry Seinfeld’s theme music, anyway.

The 2002 series Bomberman Jetters follows the adventures of White Bomber, awkward little brother of the legendary Bomberman Mighty, as he takes his place among the elite interplanetary police for known as the Jetters. It’s one of those quirky anime series that starts off silly and light but then drifts into darker, more dramatic material.

And here’s the theme song for one of its main villains.

As brought up on Twitter earlier today by one Infernal Monkey, “Mujoe’s Theme” is obviously an extremely close homage to the twangy, bass-filled music that punctuated every episode of the sitcom Seinfeld. Composer Kazunori Maruyami has worked on several Japanese television series, and most of his music sounds nothing like this.

The important thing here is the music works just as well for a gang of bumbling villains and their goofy leader as it does for Mujoe in Bomberman Jetters.


  • What’s the deal with copyright infringement?

    Haha, I clicked on that expecting it to sound just a little slap bass-y, was not expecting everything down to the “bah-dabadup” horns.

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