Channel 7 Found A Game That Isn’t Fortnite

Channel 7 Found A Game That Isn’t Fortnite
Image: 7 News Melbourne
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Now that they’ve discovered Untitled Goose Game, maybe someone wants to tell Channel Seven about a game called Hollow Knight.

Being based in Melbourne’s Fitzroy North, and the fact that Untitled Goose Game has captured the attention of mainstream outlets everywhere, it made sense that the Melbourne outlet of Channel 7 would pay the House House developers a visit.

The team got a short run on last night’s primetime news bulletin, mostly featuring shots of The Goose appropriately honking, and the poor House House developers struggling to elucidate why people have started tattooing geese on their bodies.

You can view the news clip video below (it may take a second or two to load), or via here.

The report was a bit flawed in that the game’s not just on Switch — it launched for PC through the Epic Games Store as well, and there’s a console and Steam launch due next year — and the Melbourne studio had to share a solid chunk of their profits not just among themselves, but Nintendo’s eShop cut, Epic Games, and their publisher Panic.

And it wasn’t exactly instant profit: the studio has spent three years working on the game. But the 7 News report indicates that Goose Game sales are well beyond 100,000 and potentially much further in the hundreds of thousands of downloads, making Goose Game probably the indie hit of 2019 and one of the best selling Australian games of all time.

Isn’t it nice to see mainstream news discover the nice parts about video games? Maybe now they’ll turn their attention to other smash hits, like Hollow Knight. Or if 7 News Melbourne is really strict about only local productions, then maybe Armello or FRAMED or half the games at PAX Australia might take their fancy.


  • I’m sorry you had to watch TV news for this article. Can’t remember the last time I watched it, but I have a vague memory it was after I watched the 2000 AFL grand final to the end and it transitioned to it..

  • Hold you’re horses there storm Peter Mitchell is not ready to retire from working at the Seven Network yet and yes the Untitled Goose Game is made by Australian developer House House in conjunction with the team at Film Victoria.

      • I wonder if the your/you’re error comes from humans making the mistake in its training data, or whether it just picked that up on its own?

        • I honestly can’t fathom an AI smart enough to mis-reference the first comment by @stormo and yet still respond exactly to its content.
          Either he’s a real person that happens to sound a lot like an AI, or we’ve already gone too far.

          • Years ago I wrote an IRC bot that would generate text based on a simple Markov chain model built from all the messages on the channel. To make it produce more relevant responses when people asked it questions, I had it pick a random word from the question and use that as a starting point and generate forward to the end of the message and backwards to the start. So that part isn’t particularly surprising to me.

            These days, research has progressed far enough that it is fairly easy to train a neural net to generate text character by character and produce somewhat intelligible output. That’s the context where I was wondering if such a network would end up confusing “your” and “you’re” similar to a human.

  • It’s a little sad to see that “it made them rich!!!” is the angle, but at least it’s positive coverage? That being said, very happy for the guys’ success, it’s a great game and deserves the attention.

  • “Instant millionaires”
    Checks maths
    $22 x 250,000 = <3,000,000
    Even without tax, game store cuts, publisher cuts, these guys are not millionaires. They are, however, developers of a very fun game

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