College Hearthstone Players Hold Up ‘Free Hong Kong, Boycott Blizzard’ Sign On Stream

College Hearthstone Players Hold Up ‘Free Hong Kong, Boycott Blizzard’ Sign On Stream

Blizzard’s acquiescence to the power of the Chinese government/market has seen the company eat a lot of shit over the last few days. So it was, depending on how you look at it, either the worst or most perfect time imaginable to try and broadcast the American Collegiate Hearthstone Championship. 

During a recent stream of the match between Worcester Polytechnic Institute and American University, as the game came to a close the American University team held up a banner reading “FREE HONG KONG, BOYCOTT BLIZZ”, which was visible for a few seconds before the camera hurriedly switched views and was left lingering awkwardly on the WPI players.

You can see the sign come out at 51:38 in the video below:

If I was at Blizzard, and was in any way connected with anything going on with BlizzCon — the company’s annual fan convention, which takes place in just three weeks — I would be getting a little sweaty about now. There are only so many cameras you can switch off and subreddits you can close.


  • They would only be concerned if no one turned up at Blizzcon and handed over money as usual, which much like anyone else these days is people turn up, hand over money and then get on camera with signs damming the very reason they are where they are.

      • Which is essentially why they banned the dude.

        So now it’s a matter of what’s going to have a greater impact on their wallet.
        The loud voices need to follow it up with actions like the caster who’s quit in protest and not like the folks sharing the same, Delete Battle Net, screenshot.

  • Wow, this is the 50th article in 3 days browbeating the same point – that a “professional” E-sports twit acted unprofessionally, broke the contract clause and suffered the exact consequences he agreed to. Move on.

      • Yeah, the contract clause basically said “anything that makes them look bad” which is up to their discretion. That means they can ban you for being ugly if they want

        • yep meanwhile as ive found out about others who were caught red handed stream sniping in a tournament, it took 3 months for them to be punished but they were not banned from the next tournament that was coming up.

          this has been so bad that it managed to unite both the democrats and republicans in condeming blizzards action

  • Pretty sure that says “Free boycott, Hong Kong blitz”.
    Which is good, wouldn’t want to have to pay for a boycott.

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