Community Review: The Outer Worlds

Community Review: The Outer Worlds
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“What’s The Outer Worlds,” a friend asked my partner on the weekend. “It’s basically Fallout in space,” she replied.

Unsurprisingly, their reaction was to find a way they could download it as immediately as possible.

It’s nice when something comes out and, for the most part, it hits all the notes you expect. Gita loved the direction of Obisidian’s writing and how The Outer Worlds focused on labour, questions on a perfect society, and the consequences in between. It was also a surprisingly polished release given Obsidian’s track record, which matched up with my experience when I previewed the game earlier this year.

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What’s been overshadowed a little, mind you, is that the writing is pretty funny. Not Disco Elysium levels of funny, which is a cruel bit of timing for both games, but certainly plenty of solid laughs.

And as an added bonus, being able to play the game for a dollar is an absurdly good deal that would have driven my parents crazy when I was a kid. It’s actually staggering that you can get something as good as The Outer Worlds for next to nothing. Obviously there’s the subscription problem, but you can just cancel after 30 days (which is enough time to work through an open-world RPG).

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What’s your experience with The Outer Worlds been like? Have you been playing on PC, PS4 or Xbox One – and if not, would you play the game on the Switch when that version eventually launches?


  • 6 hours in, really enjoying it. Like you said the writing is funny, it feels like a satirical sequel to previous games in the genre rather than just redoing New Vegas in space.

    Shooting feels solid, the AI will try to get higher ground or cover rather than just running at you.

    Downsides are the quest management system, you can only have 1 active quest so it’s easy to miss objectives at the same location.

    • totally agreed. i dont udnerstand why not – perhaps they dont want it to turn into a wow “go here and do all this shit without reading the text” type thing

      • Yeah maybe, I just have to spend a lot of time flicking a different quest on, checking where it is on the map then going to the closest one! Maybe they want people to repeatedly explore the same areas but I’d rather do quests efficiently than staring at fast travel loading screens later on!

  • Great game. I don’t usually get into these sort games but the art style and story intrigued me. Got it on game pass and can’t stop playing.

  • Parvati’s personal quest is the best romance subplot in a video game and I may or may not have shed happy tears at the end of it.

    Game of the year, no contest.

  • Am loving the game so far (am playing PS4 version). The writing is spot-on, tongue in cheek all the way. If you love Fallout, you’re gunna love this game.

    But,… couple of minor things in the “hope they patch this”:
    * Inventory management is a bit messy. I really want to be able to mark an item as a “do not sell”.
    * When tinkering, would be great to see who has the item equipped. You can tell for the hero, but not the companions.
    * Need a “quick save” feature – same as FO4…
    * Mini-map … am so used to this now as a standard feature.
    * Stats! Where are my kill, sneak attack (etc.) stats!
    * No pickpocketing (that I can find…)
    * Companions will simply not stay still when told to

    But hey I can totally live with all of that, and more, as its simply just a great game. Obsidian, you rock!

    • There’s a trait you can get in the stealth/sneak skill set that lets you pickpocket (I can’t verify exactly where right now but it’s definitely there).

      I agree, it is a real good game.

    • * You can throw stuff you want to sell into the Junk tab and just “sell all junk”.
      * agreed on tinkering. It shows it’s equipped but not who is holding it unless it is you.
      * yes. that would be nice.
      * I don’t miss the mini-map.
      * I know there are stats in the character tab but probably not the stats you’re talking about.
      * there IS pickpocketing. Crouch behind someone and something pops up like you’re lockpicking their butt.
      * press d-pad down. Unless you are doing that, I don’t know, I just let them follow me like lost puppies.

      My problems are simple..

      * you can’t see your feet when you’re looking down.
      * when you use a ladder, you feel like you’re levitating up/down. kind of amusing really.
      * when you kill an enemy with a melee weapon, they whip off into the distance and sometimes you can’t find their corpses and you miss out on the loot.

      I’m sure there’s more but damn if I ain’t having a good time with this game. I’m also playing on PS4 andI’m kinda envious of those playing on PC/XBox. Being able to play for only a dollar or so? Then again, definitely worth full price so far.

    • I’m guessing you’re not playing on PC, but F5 was quick save on PC. Pickpocketing is also unlocked when you get a high enough stealth rating and you just duck and stand behind people.

  • Anyone else have issues downloading on PC? Mine gets to 231.9MB downloaded and then just stops. Tried through the Xbox App & Microsoft Store with the same result.

    • I’ve had a few issues with downloads on the Xbox App, but for this game it downloaded smoothly. Are you downloading to the drive that is set up for the Xbox installations?

      • Yep. Also tried to download it to my other drive with the same result. UPlay also does funny things to me sometimes and stops downloading for no reason, and I’ve found using a VPN sometimes gets it to work so I’ll try that tonight. Otherwise I’ve got an XBone so if worst comes to worst I’ll join up with gamepass on that.

  • Agreed. Was a fantastic game. My issues with the game are only minor ones:

    * Companions are way too boring and generic looking. In fact this could be said about every NPC (yourself included). If you look at the full roster of companions (except for SAM and Nyoka, and even she’s plain except for her pink hair) they’re a rather basic plain looking lot when compared to say, the roster of companions you get in a mass effect game. Some of the companion side quests were really good (Parvati) and others were just quickies (Ellie for example).

    * Game was way too short. Maybe I’m alone in this, but the ending just left me wanting more. The fact there’s 3 or 4 planets on the star map that you cannot go to was SOOO upsetting to me. When the game started to reach it’s climax, I could tell (due to the enemies health and damage getting jacked / side missions drying up) I was genuinely getting upset as I didn’t want it to end. Maybe the extra planets will be for DLC, but it sort of felt a bit “RUSHED FINISH THE GAME NOW” towards the end.

    * A rather annoying game breaking bug at the very end when you walk in Disguised to Chairman Rockwells office. As a mainly pacifist “good ending” run, it was annoying that I had to shoot him to get past that particular bit. From what I gather it’s on PC and Xbox as well. Hopefully they patch this soon.

    * The intro to the game should be clearer on skills vs stats. The starting attributes you choose, don’t change the rest of the game so I wish I’d put a bit more of a thought into that as I was stuck with them the entire game and those stats can effect conversations throughout the entire game (Perception being a BIG one in multiple convos + Intelligence being like the original Fallout where if you make it lower, you’ll get DUMB as an option).

    * On the flip side of the last point, Skill points are WAYYY too generous at the start of the game. Being able to dump 10 points into three different skills makes levelling up a bit of a joke. I just maxed out Persuade and Locking picking and I could literally walk through the entire game stealing, unlocking and just talking my way out of every situation and I didn’t feel weak when combat happened.

    * Game is way too generous with loot. Felt like I was playing borderlands most of the game as new weapons and items were just flying at my character every 2 steps. This wouldn’t be a problem except you have a limited amount of space for inventory. Also the games inventory system doesn’t really do a good job of telling you what is useful and not useful… Although to be fair when it came to the meds, I would usually just bin it all since other than the healing spray, there was never any need for the other stuff on Hard difficulty.

    * Difficulty – On Hard mode the game was still easy and I breezed through the entire thing. I will try a super nova run now that I’ve done one playthrough (and murder everything) but I have a feeling other than the annoyance of monitoring my food/water (And companions being suicidal) that the combat will be the same.

    * Guns damage/Dps/Tinkering – The guns were weird in this game… Sometimes they’d say DPS 400 and then be beaten by a gun that had DPS 100…. From what I gathered tinkering was better to do to a gun you find at a higher level than a smaller one… I always found upgrading a confusing ordeal because the guns never felt super powerful or like a massive upgrade. I got my first plasma rifle early on and just obliterated the Emerald Bay area with little to no effort. I was trying for a long gun build, but found it was more effective to just get a heavy launcher and aoe wrecked crowds.

    All that aside, was still enjoyable and a nice action RPG to follow on from Disco Elysiums MUCH slower text heavy pace. And since I played it on the Xbox PC game pass, got more than enough value from it 🙂

    • Great review and thanks to @robnick too. Looks like I’ll be getting this one. But ugh super jealous of you game pass types!

    • Oh and one more thing – Most of the perks are useless and boring. Unlike Fallout in which perks were exciting and game changes, the ones in this game ranged from generic stat upgrades to boring useless stuff that isn’t really that great. At the end I was having to read each one over and over again, not because I was excited about which one to choose, but trying to find one that wasn’t completely useless.

  • Took low intelligence to unlock the “Dumb” dialogue options.

    Space station security chief who’s just about had enough of my idiocy:
    “Yeah…If you see a door marked ‘Opens to vacuum’, don’t open it.”

    “But…what if I drop something and there are crumbs everywhere and I need to clean it up?”

    Security chief, after a short pause to let that sink in:

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