Death Stranding Is Coming To PC

Death Stranding is coming to PC early summer 2020, Kojima Productions announced on Twitter. Right now, the game is arriving on PS4 November 8.

Here’s the tweet:

Editor's Note: The global embargo for Death Stranding lifts the evening of November 1.


    Honestly, not being a Kojima fanboy i think the lustre and aura of this game will fade pretty quickly and it'll be typical Kojima fare... a confusing narrative buried under a landslide of exposition.

      i dont understand the hype. The game play showed me hardly anything...Could still be amazing but nothing to get too excited about just yet

    Death Stranding is coming to PC early summer 2020
    I hate thinking of American summer instead of our summer whenever I read these announcements, I wish they'd just use early/late 2020 instead.

    But how long will it be exclusive to the Epic Games Store?

    (Sorry, I couldn’t help that one)

    Stupid PS fanbois cancelling their pre-orders, on the news that Death Stranding is coming to PC.

      Or perhaps they would rather play it on superior hardware with the added benefit that it will also look better.

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