Destiny 2, As Told By Steam Reviews

It’s not every day that a series with as much legacy and history as Destiny suddenly orbital-drops onto Steam. This has resulted in a horde of Desti-neophytes rushing to see what all the fuss is about. Are they enjoying diving into the deep end of Bungie’s loot ocean of a game, though? Yes and no.

At this point in its life cycle, Destiny 2 is obstinately, maximally itself. This means heaps of lore, stats, currencies, and activities that can lead to a pretty overwhelming experience for newcomers. While many longtime Destiny 2 players are just happy to finally have their favourite shooter-MMO hybrid on Steam, some new players have expressed confusion and even rage over all the things they have to come to grips with upon starting the game.

Also, Warframe fans have decided to turn Destiny 2's arrival on Steam into some weird tribalistic showdown between two free games that everybody can enjoy? It’s the internet, so I guess I’m not sure what else I was expecting.


    That second one got a good laugh.
    "one of the best communities".

    Haha. It is easily the game filled with the largest amount of crayon munching morons i have ever seen. Whether we are talking actual gameplay skills, or comprehending easy tasks in a mission/game mode, there is a good chance whoever you are teamed with will suck at either or both.

    Then you get to the online communities, reddit is all ass kissers who think bungie can do no wrong. The streamers constantly make suggestions that sabotage the normal players enjoyment of the game so they have more "gameplay" (absurd and needless grinding) to pad out their video lengths for more streaming money. Finally bungie themselves constantly like "we're listening" (we just aint gonna actually do anything).

    Don't get me wrong i have like 1000hours in D2 and while it has its issues, it is one of my favourite games. But far out so many of the people involved with it are so stupid.

    Also, i have had multiple issues since the steam launch (not even including the server death), more than i had in the whole 2 years on BNet, so im pretty sad we all had to move. Every other launcher>steam

    I can't fault some of the complaints. the whole weekly daily quest system seems needlessly complex as it's now an opt in system that costs glimmer

    I didn't realise new players get bounced straight to cap... for a game that seems hell bent on giving you an abundant amount of options... it seems like an oversight not to just ask people if the want to play the red war campaign or dive straight in heh

    It's fucking ludicrous that they just upped and cut half the story, then hid the rest.

    It constantly seems like the game is great in spite of the dev team.

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