Fallout Might Have A Legacy Collection On The Way

Fallout Might Have A Legacy Collection On The Way
Image: Steam

There might be a new Fallout bundle on the way after a listing was spotted on Amazon.

German Amazon listingFallout Legacy CollectionFallout 4
Fallout Might Have A Legacy Collection On The WayImage: Amazon

While my German isn’t quite up to scratch, it appears the following titles will be included in the bundle.

  • Fallout
  • Fallout 2
  • Fallout Tactics
  • Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition
  • Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition
  • Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition

It’s being sold for 39,99€ (around $65) so it seems like a pretty amazing deal, given you’re getting all six titles with multiple DLC packs included in the more recent editions.

Kotaku Australia has reached out to Bethesda to confirm the veracity of the release and whether it’s coming to Australia.

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  • *frown*
    What’s this shit about? After 76, I don’t trust these fuckers. What are they playing at?

    Trying to get another bite at the cherry by bundling everything?
    Trying to recover some cash after under-performing?
    Trying to make it so that the most recent visibility the franchise has on storefronts is something actually good? Wash the taste of the online-only pvpve-experiment bullshit out of our brains?

    What are you playing at, Bethesda?

    • It’s not exactly uncommon for publishers to bundle up old games in a series as a single purchase though: particularly on Windows, where the old games tend to continue working without needing a new port. Those sorts of series bundles seem to be quite popular during Steam sales, for instance.

      As for why they might be making a retail release, perhaps they want increased visibility?

      • As for why they might be making a retail release, perhaps they want increased visibility?

        The best possible answer might be to see if there’s still any relevance in the Franchise before deciding to commission a new game, but considering that the catalogue’s been released so many times in retail versions, bundles and, hell, even as giveaways, how many people who’d want this don’t yet have copies sitting in their Steam libraries?

      • There are already bundles, though. 1, 2, tactics has a bundle, 3 has an all-DLC bundle, NV has an all-DLC bundle, 4 has an all-DLC bundle. All of the bundles in a bundle is… I mean, fine, whatever, right? Maybe there’s someone out there who doesn’t have all of the above. But why now? Does it give any indicators about what they’re doing with the franchise? Bundling older entries sometimes (often) does.

        • At 30 Euros, it is significantly cheaper than buying those four bundles individually though.

          As for the timing, it goes on sale two months before Christmas. Making it available as a retail release also makes it more appealing as a Christmas gift. I think you’re just overthinking it.

          • Could be overthinking it, true… but Bethesda’s very clearly earned a little extra scrutiny and mistrust.

        • Yeah, in all seriousness, it happens all the time (though mainly digital, not physical). I’d say, however, that it probably does have something to do with washing a little of 76 out of fans mouths, maybe. The last main bundle they did was around Fallout 4 that had all the previous games bundled inside a Nuke shaped container.

          Side note: the rumour for a long time now has been a Fallout 3 remaster. No idea if that will actually happen, but given 76’s failure, they might have to.

  • Might be aimed at getting more people into Bethesda’s store.

    That being said, does this mean FO3 is being fixed to work on 10?

  • Look. I like Fallout obviously, but at this rate with the way Bethesda’s luck has been going they will ship this and it will transform into a little vault boy who murders your entire family while they sleep.

    That said great value for money.. if you can risk it muahaha

  • ‘PrEtTy gOoD dEaL’.. You do know that you can get the games individually for less right? Buying this would be shooting yourself in the foot. No pros whatsoever, plenty of cons.

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