Fallout Speedrunner "Tomatoanus" Changes Name For Upcoming Event

Tomatoanus, one of the best Fallout speedrunners on the planet, will be playing at January’s Awesome Games Done Quick under a different name after reaching an agreement with organisers.

He’s actually already played at six Games Done Quick events in the past under the name Tomatoanus, but several of those had not displayed his runs publicly because it was thought that, hey, at an all-ages event for charity, maybe having a name with “anus” in it wasn’t a great look.

So organisers reached out behind the scenes to let Tomatoanus know the reasons his runs hadn’t been appearing, and as he explains in this statement on the change, has decided to appear under the name “Tomatoangus” as a compromise.

Still a very good name.

This isn’t a permanenet name change — YouTube and Twitch don’t care — it’s just for appearances at GDQ.

If you’ve never seen one of Tomatoanus’ runs before, here’s his world record dash through the Fallout Anthology (Fallout 1, 2, 3, New Vegas, and 4), which he completed in just under 1.5 hours:


    I know it’s their house their rules, but when they’re streaming MA rated games then the excuse of censoring a streamer name that doesn’t contain any actual swear words is pretty weak.

      I’m guessing the speed run doesn’t hit up the ‘movie studio’ and the two jobs you can get there (badum-fish) in Fallout 2

        I wasn’t being specific to fallout runs. There’s usually a fair amount of violent games speed run, even if the usual mo of speed runs is to avoid combat.

      The main reason for the change is sponsorship demands.

        That’s only shifting the blame but it’s still the same level of weak bordering on hypocrisy.
        There’s nothing wrong with the word Anus.

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