Praise Be, Gwent Finally Hits iOS

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After announcing that Geralt's favourite pasttime would finally make the jump to mobile earlier this year, it's finally happened. Gwent still isn't available on the Switch or Android, but if you've got an iPhone or an iPad, you can get that sweet, sweet Nilfgaard action right now.

If you haven't played Gwent since it first showed up in The Witcher 3, or the standalone game as its gone through multiple iterations, or the very good Thronebreaker, things have changed a lot. There's only two rows instead of three, and you draw three cards at the end of every

turn. There's also more mulligans available at the start, and cards have tons of more interactions than the original Gwent.

Image: Kotaku

Beyond the new control scheme, everything about the game is the same. There's cross-play between PC and iOS, and the studio confirmed on their website that progression carries over (provided you're logging in with your GOG account):

iPhone and iPad versions of The Witcher Card Game combine the full feature set of the PC release with controls re-imagined for the touch interface. Progress and purchases are shared between iOS and PC via the user’s GOG account and iOS players can battle opponents across all other supported platforms.

So, win-win. I've been playing the game overnight and on the train this morning on an iPhone 11. It'll take about an hour to get through the initial tutorial and the first three games you need to play to unlock all the decks, but it's a smooth experience. The animations hold up well, and the haptics are nice too.

You can download Gwent on your iPhone or iPad through the App Store. And if you're wondering how much all the in-app purchases are in Australian dollars, here's the ful list:

Starter Pack: $7.99

15x Card Kegs: $30.99

Season of the Elves Bundle: $12.99

Passiflora Bundle: $7.99

3200x Meteorite Powder: $32.99

400x Meteorite Powder: $5.99

2x Card Kegs: $4.49

7200x Meteorite Powder: $62.99

800x Meteorite Powder: $10.99
7x Card Kegs: $14.99


    Uhhh... fuckyes.

    This just makes me wish I had a longer commute.

    Goodbye Clash of Clans! (the only game I've currently got installed on my iPad at work)

    How necessary are the microtransactions? Is it possible to build a viable (if not dominant) deck using cards earned through play?

      Honestly... the one company I might make an exception for.

      At least until they inevitably do a Blizzard/Valve and turn evil.

    It needs a feature that allows me to send an electrical pulse through the app to the asshole on the other who allowed the clock to run down on every single turn like they did last night. Otherwise, great game.

    YES. Finally.

    Requires iOS 12.0 or later

    Noooo! cries

    The long loading put me off playing it on my iPad, but I actually tried it on PC last night against a real person and won. Boy did it take a long time with how much of a grudge match it turned into between their Monster deck and my Squirrels deck.

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