Here’s The Winner Of Our Batman Limited Edition Giveaway!

Here’s The Winner Of Our Batman Limited Edition Giveaway!
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To mark the 80th anniversary of Batman and the launch of Melbourne’s very own Bat Signal at ACMI, we ran a giveaway and asked you all one simple question: tell us your favourite Batman memory.

The prize on offer: a copy of Detective Comics #1000 signed by legendary DC illustrator José Luis García-Lópe. All you had to do was offer up your best memories of the Bat, either through the films, comics, video games, or something else.

Celebrate 80 Years Of Batman By Winning This Limited Edition Comic

Almost 80 years ago to the day, Batman made his first appearance in the 27th issue of Detective Comics. 33 issues later, the Bat lit up the skies of Gotham with the Bat Signal.

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So who won?


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Before that, I wanted to call out some great entries which deserved a shoutout.

Meeting actual bats while you’re mid-Batman

Out running one twilight listening to the soundtrack to Batman Begins via iPod, then all of sudden, spooked by a car horn or something, a swarm of bats emerged from the nearby trees casting their silhouette against the sun disappearing over the horizon. Scary and epic at the same time; ill never forget it.

That’s serendipity. Bonus points for the iPod.

A lovely family moment

I loved watching repeats of the 60s Batman TV show as a kid. Joker on the show had a moustache and looked just like my great grandad, and I used to wear my bat suit with cereal box mask and tea towel cape and chase “The Joker” around his retirement community. He’s long gone now but they are great memories.

Beautiful memory, mate.

Someone who learnt a lot from the best

My aunt buying me a Batman shirt, I wore it all the time and he became my favourite super hero because in the end, anyone could be him if they wanted it bad enough. A super hero without super powers, just determination (the money helps a bit though). Comics taught me right from wrong and made me who I am today.

Aunts are the absolute best. And I think people are really in the last 10 years — especially non-comics fans — starting to wake up to how much nuance there has been in comics all along.

Truly remarkable.

Someone who got closer to her nephew through the Bat

Batman brought me closer to my nephew. I always longed to be close to him and because of Batman I’ve been able to form a healthy and strong relationship and bond with my 7yr old nephew. I’m so grateful to the creators of Batman for this. So my best moment is life changing as I’ve never had a close family member until now. We have many favourite moments in Batman movies. When he first calls himself Batman is my Favourite ????

Never underestimate the power of comics.

But the winner of the limited edition Detective Comics #1000 is…

Image: Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Alex Sinclair, DC Comics

Someone who has a Batman of her own

My own BATMAN came into my life he was born 3 months early and 519 grams, 10% chance of survival and on every machine one could think of. Like Batman he is my Symbol of hope through despair, Brave, Fearless.

Congratulations to the winner (who I’ve contacted via email), and thanks to everyone who entered. If you missed out, don’t worry – there’s always another competition or giveaway around the corner, so stay tuned!

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