Here’s Your First Look At Crisis On Infinite Earth’s Big Bad, The Anti-Monitor

Surprise: he looks like the Monitor. Just… you know. Anti.

Entertainment Weekly has given us our first official look at LaMonica Garrett in costume as the Anti-Monitor, the sinister counterpart of a character Garret’s been playing since the big Elseworlds crossover between Arrow, Flash and Supergirl last year.

He is, basically, what you’d get if you crossed Garret’s costume with the Night King from Game of Thrones, which makes perfect sense given that’s basically the Anti-Monitor and Monitor’s multiversal relationship.

Here’s the full look from EW:

In the iconic DC Comic saga, the Anti-Monitor and Monitor are awakened from eons of cosmic slumber when Pariah — who will be played by The Flash’s Tom Cavanagh in the TV adaptation — began experimenting on the DC multiverse.

The Anti-Monitor, being a jerk, started consuming entire universes to feed his power, while the Monitor, as he has also been doing in the background of the Arrowverse since Elseworlds, went universe-hopping to test and ultimately recruit the most powerful heroes of all realities to stop his mirrored foe. Like Brandon Routh!

Crisis on Infinite Earths kicks off on the December 9 episode of Supergirl.


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