Hideo Kojima Asked Conan O'Brien If He Wanted To Be In Death Stranding

Screenshot: Team Coco

Move over Geoff Keighley. When visiting Kojima Productions, Conan O’Brien had his face scanned for a Death Stranding cameo.

After going through the game creator’s toy collection, watching a Death Stranding trailer, and wondering what was wrong with Hideo Kojima, Conan had his face scanned as he made a variety of typical expressions.

Screenshot: Team Coco

The result is that the late night host is one of the in-game cameos.

Screenshot: Team Coco

Even though Kojima’s BFF Geoff Keighley didn’t do his own voice acting (instead, he was voiced by Matthew Mercer), it certainly sounds like Conan did.

Watch the full clip below.


    That's one awesome lobby, not even the least bit surprised he's got something like that for his studios.

    Conan has been a lovable goofball for a very long time.

    I'll never forget when he came to Sydney for the olympics and nobody knew who he was except for a group of wasted 20 year olds he met at 10am. He loved it.

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