House Of The Dead 1 & 2 Are Getting Remade

House Of The Dead 1 & 2 Are Getting Remade

One of the best arcade games ever to grace this country and perhaps one of the best light gun shooters ever made, House of the Dead is coming back.

The Polish website Graczpospolita posted on Thursday afternoon Australian time that SEGA, owner of the House of the Dead IP, had signed a deal with Forever Entertainment to remake the light gun game and its sequel for consoles. Forever Entertainment then confirmed the contract’s existence on Twitter later that evening, saying that while they didn’t have any more details to announce, they hadn’t confirmed any release dates or precise platforms.

Forever Entertainment is the same company behind the remake of Panzer Dragoon and Panzer Dragoon 2, having previously made Fear Effect: Sedna.

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The original report stated that the remakes would update the graphics and modernise the gameplay to a degree, but the original spirit and script would be kept. Forever said on Twitter that they couldn’t confirm any platforms, but the studio’s previous work has been released on the Nintendo Switch — and the light gun elements would be a perfect fit with the Switch’s JoyCon motion controls. Of course, that doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be room for House of the Dead and its sequel elsewhere. Hell, I’ll play the damn thing with a trackpad if I have to.


  • I have a CRT set up in the spare room with a Dreamcast hooked up to it and two lightguns JUST for House of the dead 2.

    I wouldnt mind if i could replace this with the switch version (if its as accurate with the shooting and everything of course.)

    • That was my immediate thought of concern, with memories of how the later games went. But they say they’re using the original script so… yay!

    • Have you played overkill? It’s perfect, right down to continuity issues between shots in the cutscenes.

      My only concern is how they’re going to handle the controls in this. Even though the gyro aiming of the joycons is the best we have, it’s nowhere near the dependable accuracy of the wiimote.

  • It’d be great if they made it for vr and made it like you’re sitting in the arcade booth. And if namco did the same with the old Time Crisis games

    • I’ve often looked at buying a whole Time Crisis arcade cabinet just so I can play it

      I miss shooting a gun that kicks back each time

  • I’m not really interested in playing House of the Dead 1 and 2 with Halloween on the way.
    But since House of the Dead 1 and 2 are getting remade I think I’m more interested in playing SEGA’S Panzer Dragoon.

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