If You Visit Kyoto In October, Check Out This Spooky Parade

If You Visit Kyoto In October, Check Out This Spooky Parade
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While Halloween in Shibuya might get lots of attention because of the massive crowds (and chaos), Kyoto has an annual yokai parade that sure looks like spooky fun.

The parade, which was held this year on October 19, is called Ichijo Hyakki Yakou (Ichijo’s Night Parade of the Hundred Yokai). The street Ichijodori, one of the biggest in Kyoto, was said to separate the real world from the spirit one.

Tales of yokai night parades date back over a thousand years. During the Heian Era (794-1185), samurai carried charms to avoid crossing paths with the yokai.

There are various legends about Hyakki Yakou and there are other yokai parades held in Japan. However, in Kyoto, the story goes that unwanted household items were dumped in the vicinity.

These household items got angry, and a deity turned them into yokai to seek their vengeance. The yokai then marched down the street, and the event is recreated in this annual parade in the Ichijodori’s Taishogun shopping section, which is now known as Yokai Street.

While the story of Hyakki Yakou dates back to at least the 9th century, the current parade has been revitalised since 2005.

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Throughout the year, the street is decorated with yokai.

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雨が止んで清清しい青空の下、京都を散歩してきました???? * 一番の目的は南座で開催される歌舞伎役者さんたちのお練りに参加することでしたが、折角なので早めに行って歩こうと☺️ * * 上七軒からスタートして、先日タクシーに乗ってて見つけた妖怪ストリートへ???? 妖怪さんがフランクにリポビタンDを売ってました???? * * 近くの八百屋さん、雰囲気が好き???? お客さんへの思いやりを感じます✨ * * そして今年初見のキンモクセイ✨ これ見ないと秋が来た気がしない???? * * 街路樹には銀杏が鈴なり☺️ 地面に落ちる前のを初めて見たかも???? * * 街中にはすすきがあったり、街路樹も赤く色づき初めていて、秋の深まりを感じました???? * * 驚いたのは朝顔が至るところで咲いていたこと❗️ 猛暑でリズムが狂っちゃったのかな❓ * * 京都は、紅葉がなくても路地にはいると味のある商店街とか寺社仏閣がたくさんあって、秋散歩にはベストかも???? * * * #京都#そうだ京都へ行こう#秋散歩#小さい秋見つけた #キンモクセイ#金木犀#銀杏#ぎんなん#すすき#紅葉 #上七軒#大将軍商店街#妖怪ストリート#金魚も売ってる #北野天満宮の近くのお店で福鶴さんの同級生とお話できた #とってもいい人 * #色々寄り道しすぎて祇園着14:25#凄まじい人混み

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#妖怪ストリート ???? #妖怪 #Kyoto

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This certainly seems more enjoyable than the Halloween chaos in Shibuya!

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