In Japan, Man Arrested For Modding And Reselling PS3

Screenshot: ksb5ch

Forty-four-year-old Tadaaki Abe has been arrested in Kagawa, Japan for modding PlayStation 3s and then selling them.

According to NHK, Abe is accused of jailbreaking PS3s so game discs could be copied and then played without re-inserting them. He was arrested for selling a Tokyo man in his 40s a modded PS3 for 15,555 yen ($216).

Not only does this violate Japanese trademark law, but it also violates the country’s Unfair Competition Prevention Law, which protects the rights of companies to sell their products. 

The modded PS3 was sold last year through an online auction site. Abe, a part-time worker, was arrested yesterday. In an affidavit, he said he did this for income.

Authorities found forty PlayStation 3s in his apartment and are currently investigating whether or not they have been modded. 


    I didn’t know the ps3 could be modded for pirate games. Always thought there was some difficulty in this but perhaps I’m thinking of emulation.

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