In Japan, Nintendo Giving Refunds For Tokyo Mirage Sessions After Family Friendly Changes

Screenshot: Nintendo

When Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore is released in Japan, the game will be based on the modified Western release. Starting today, Nintendo is offering refunds for its local customers.

Last week, Nintendo apologised for not initially announcing that Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore was based on the family-friendly Western version, recognising that it provided customers with “insufficient” information.

In a statement released today, Nintendo once again apologised and provided an online form so its customers in Japan can get a refund. Nintendo also stated that from henceforth, it will hard to ensure that the same mistake doesn’t happen again in the future.

From October 25 to November 15, Nintendo will offer refunds for Nintendo eShop and My Nintendo Store customers who want to cancel their pre-orders and purchases.


    How about...

    Now bear with me here, This is a radical idea that has never been thought of before...

    You release the Japanese version worldwide. Get the appropriate rating and ignore the faux outrage from forums of people who would never buy the game in the first place and are just looking for something to be outraged about.

    The people actually buying the game want the Japanese version. No one wants the censored version.

      Funny, I chalk all the people that carry on about censorship as the faux outrage.

        The difference being those people actually want to buy the game.

        The others don't ever actually want to buy the games and just want something to be outraged about

          I only need 2 examples to prove my point.

          1. Modern Warfare. Outrage from the usual suspects about the campaign and white phosporus in MP.

          Game is predicted by NPD to be the highest selling game of 2019

          2. Joker Movie. Huge faux outrage from the same usual suspects. Nothing they claimed that would happen as a result of the movie happened. Repeated attempts to discredit the movie.

          Joker movie is currently the highest-grossing R film of all time.

          All that outrage and yet little to no effect. Hmmmm, I wonder why?

            Your examples are two (controversial) installments of some of the biggest IPs in the world being financially successful?

            Atlus doesn't expect this game to sell a ton of units, so they are only porting the one version that they are able to sell all over the world to their target demographic to save of costs. It has little to nothing to do with either an OP multiplayer weapon, nor a disobedient clown.

              Your examples are two (controversial) instalments of some of the biggest IPs in the world being financially successful?

              Nope, My example are of two products that generated faux moral outrage from the outrage crowd. Yet they both still ended up being wildly successful. Therefore demonstrating that said outrage crowd should be ignored by publishers and devs

              It has little to nothing to do with either an OP multiplayer weapon, nor a disobedient clown.

              It has everything to do with it. Games like this are censored to placate the "Woke" crowd because these publishers falsely believe these groups are some huge purchasing group when they arent. And more often than not they dont even want to buy the game in the first place, They were just outraged for the sake of outraged.

              As perfectly demonstrated when resetera was outraged by Ion Fury. After the game was going to be censored most of the users on reset proclaimed they weren't going to but the game anyway and some even demanded the devs be fired.

              Another example is Heartbeat. The huge uproar over a number. Yet all it achieved was increased sales and increased positive user reviews. Yet again demonstrating that said outrage crowd can be safely ignored.

              Publishers should listen to what paying customers want. Not the woke brigade.

                You're (maybe intentionally) missing the point. TMS wasn't altered because of outrage, Atlus made changes to it to get the rating they wanted outside Japan, so the game would be accessible to their demongraphic. The only outrage I've seen here is people upset that they are losing their 16 year old in a sexy bikini DLC and wanting their vagina bones back.

                  Japanese publishers have repeatedly said they censor their games because they think westerners don't like the content.

                  No need to be scared of a vagina snowee

      Im fairly sure there will be some folks buying the copy because the didnt have a wiiu and its still a god jrpg..

      in the west anyway... the whole sell the western verson which actually altered content in jp was a stupid idea to begin with since the western edition really doesnt add anything and actually removes some scenarios (as opposed to say the ffx internstional/remaster rereleases which actually ADDED stuff to the original jp content) outside of curious completionists in jp youre not gonna get much interest.

      On a sidenote I am mildly amused the anouncement of this being the western cut has triggered a mass buying of the original Wii U version in jp as its considered the "complete" version now and most likely will be a collector's item =P

        Yeah I've got a modded WiiU so I can play the jap version with fan translation patched in.

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