In The Final Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Trailer, An Awe-Inspiring Battle Begins

The new crew of the Millennium Falcon steps forward. (Image: Lucasfilm)

Good against evil. Light against Dark. A reborn Rebellion against the shadows of the Empire. The Skywalker Saga is entering its final hours — and it is, as an angry young wayward force user once said, time to let old things die.

Lucasfilm has just dropped our latest look at The Rise of Skywalker, the culmination of the Star Wars saga that first began in the void above Tatooine all those years ago. Everyone is preparing for a battle between light and dark that could change the galaxy forever.

What remains of General Leia Organa’s tattered Resistance after The Last Jedi has pulled out all the stops for to hold out one last time against the onslaught of the First Order, now under the command of Supreme Leader Kylo Ren — and now, we get to see what will become of their final effort. And also so many spaceships.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theatres on December 19, 2019.


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