In This Exclusive Look Inside The New Magicians Comics, A New Generation Of Brakebills Students Arrives

An unorthodox generation of students arrives at Brakebills. (Image: Pius Bak, Boom Studios)

The brand new Magicians comic isn’t a direct adaptation of either Lev Grossman’s beloved novels or their TV adaptation on Syfy — but a brand new story telling the tale of a generation of spellcasters long after Quentin and his friends have left Brakebills. And now you can see what they’re up to a little early in our brand new preview.

Penned by Lilah Sturgess and and Grossman himself — who previously collaborated on the Alice Quinn-centric retelling of the novels for the miniseries, Alice’s Story — and with art by Pius Bak, the new series, simply titled The Magicians, is set after the events of the novels.

Itching for new students, Dean Fogg recruits an unorthodox group of young spellcasters to be the next class at Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy: a selection of hedge witches, rogue magicians in the society of the series who practice unsanctioned magics.

The full cover for The Magicians #1. (Image: Qistina Khalidah, Boom Studios)

Not only will this new class — Audrey, Brian, Keshawn, Pat, Andy, Emily and Sophie — have to navigate the usual trials and tribulations of school life (wizarding or otherwise), they’ll also have to navigate their shared reputation as outcasts and misfits among the more classical magicians Brakebills is typically open to.

Our Deputy Editor, Jill Pantozzi, spoke to Grossman about the new book and more at New York Comic Con this past weekend so we’ll have lots more cool info to come. For now, you can get a brief look at their arrival in our exclusive preview of The Magicians #1 below!

The Magicians #1 is set to go on sale November 6.


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