Japan’s Best Boring Halloween Costumes

Japan’s Best Boring Halloween Costumes
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Some people might try to outdo others with elaborate and showy costumes. But at this annual event in Japan, participates are trying to do something far simpler—boring, even.

This event is called “Jimi Halloween” (地味ハロウィン), with jimi (地味) meaning “mundane,” “plain,” or “subdued.” As Spoon & Tamago points out, this regular event was started by website Daily Portal Z back in 2014 by folks who felt that traditional Halloween costumes were too over-the-top for their tastes.

This year’s get together was held over the weekend, and here are some of the best mundane costumes.

Someone who cannot get a seat at the food court in the mall.

The costume of a person wearing black clothing that has played with a cat.

This woman is dressed as a person who is taking a photo of a meal.

The person who cleans the escalator’s handrail.

Someone about to win Old Maid.

This man is dressed as a right-handed person.

A person who is drinking a hot beverage.

This is a costume of a person who would get mistaken as store staff at an eyeglasses shop.

A studio assistant to a photographer taking children’s photos.

A person who has just purchased an umbrella the moment it stops raining.

When you get close to winning bingo, but don’t.

A guy who can’t find where his seat is at the baseball stadium.

Face-swapping your face with a Starbucks cup.

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