JB Hi-Fi Just Destroyed Australian Cricket

Image: r/Australia (u/NotSaltyy)

Sure, we might have won the Ashes. But that doesn't mean JB is gonna let Cricket 19 off scot free.

Aussie Redditor NotSaltyy has spotted a banger from everyone's favourite reviewers, the shitposting staff of JB Hi-Fi.

They haven't done many reviews since management got a little cranky over that Anthem gem, but it's nice to see the time off hasn't dulled their talents.

Quality JBHIFI review from r/australia

Beautiful. Alternatively, if other stores are looking for ways to help Cricket 19 cut through the crowd, I have one suggestion...


I've been stuck in a hotel room for a couple of hours, slamming out some morning stories, responding to emails and finishing as much work before the day's schedule overwhelms me. I hadn't showered, but I knew I had a spare 15 or 20 minutes. Just enough time for some coffee, maybe an egg or two, and a chat with a friend.

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    Yeah, nah... maybe 12 months ago.

    Sure, we might have won the Ashes

    It was a draw and the Ashes were retained by default?

      Retaining the Ashes by default in England is a win - and England absolutely took it as a loss. Put another way: if you don't win at least 3 games when you've got the crowd on your side and the ability to doctor five pitches in a row, then you have lost.

      The two sweetest words in the English language!

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