The Kingdom Hearts Orchestra Is Coming To Sydney

The Kingdom Hearts Orchestra Is Coming To Sydney

If you can’t get enough Kingdom Hearts 3 in your life — and Kingdom Hearts fans do love their music in particular — then maybe an orchestral performance is just what the doctor ordered.

The Kingdom Hearts Orchestra announced this week that they’ll be doing two performances of -World Of Tres- at Sydney’s Centennial Hall on Saturday, October 19. There’ll be a 3pm session and an 8pm session.

The orchestra will feature more than 100 musicians and will be played in front of a video projection of the Kingdom Hearts story to date, crafted specifically by Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura for the touring orchestra.

If you’re in town for it, the show will also feature new arrangements of Simple and Clean and Dearly Beloved, as well as the first orchestral performances of Don’t Think Twice and Face My Fears.

You can hear a version of the new Simple And Clean arrangement below:

Tickets start from $79, although if you want a seat that’ll give you a clear shot of the stage, tickets will set you back at least $109. The front row seats are available for $199, and the whole show runs for just over two hours.

For more detail on the 3pm session head here, while seating and tickets for the evening show can be found here.


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