League Of Legends Is Getting An Esports Manager Spin-Off

league of legends esports manager pc game

There's been a few League-inspired esports managers. And because Riot Games doesn't have enough things going on, they're making one of their own.

Announced during the League of Legends 10th anniversary stream among a literal avalanche of other things, League of Legends Esports Manager is basically exactly what it sounds like. The game, which will go live in China next year before expanding "to other regional leagues", will also feed back into the professional League circuit by sharing revenue with the real-life teams featured in-game.

"League of Legends Esports Manager is a team management game currently in development that will allow fans to assemble a world-class League of Legends esports teams as a team manager, signing players to contracts, and more," an official release said.

No footage of the game was available yet, and the monetisation model isn't known at this stage. I've wanted a decent esports manager ever since CS Manager was a thing years ago, and while plenty of developers have had a crack, nobody's really nailed the formula. Riot knows League better than anyone else, though, so fingers crossed this turns out alright when we get a look at it next year.


    Are article images on the front page not loading for anyone else?

      Hmmm, might be something weird with Ublock Origin, although all in-article images load fine.

        Check out Talk Amongst Yourselves, I posted a userscript that fixes it.

      Hasn't worked for me for a few days, but I'm actually finding it much easier to skim through the headlines without them. Especially when 80% are about the same game.

      works on and off but yea like zak said, I actually like it all minimal

      being able to see more then 2 article headline is good lol

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