The League Of Legends Developers Are Making An FPS

The League Of Legends Developers Are Making An FPS
Image: League of Legends

It’s time for League of Legends to spread its wings. After spending the last decade establishing their roots as a MOBA developer, Riot Games has revealed that they’re making a new competitive first-person shooter titled Project A.

The announcement came towards the back end of League of Legends‘ anniversary stream marking a decade since the game’s launch, and it was just one of a string of huge announcements from Riot Games. Titled Project A, the game is pitched as a “competitive, character based tactical shooter” that will initially launch only on PCs.

“The game is set on a beautiful near-future Earth and has a lethal cast of characters, each with unique abilities that create tactical opportunities for their gunplay to shine,” Riot said in an official release.

More information about the game won’t be revealed until next year, but in an embargoed briefing the company showed a few seconds of gameplay illustrating how it all worked. In a clip, one character fired a gun in a similar fashion to Overwatch‘s Soldier 76 — fully automatic, with minimal recoil — before climbing up to a tall box in the centre of a room. After that point, the character threw out a fan of knives to take down another bot.

Riot explained that the game was being made in-house by a team of experienced FPS developers, although they wouldn’t reveal their pedigree or past releases at this time. There’s also no word on game modes, maximum players or what the monetisation/business model would be, but then the game is still very early in development.


  • Interesting. ‘tactical shooter’ sounds more R6 siege, but the characters they do for LOL and it being a character based shooter compares more to overwatch.
    Will be interested to see which end of the spectrum it comes closer to, because i’ll be honest i’d be interested in an R6 siege with some more ‘out there’ designs/characters.

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