Teamfight Tactics Is Coming To Mobile Next Year

Underlords and Auto Chess have been carving it up on mobiles, but the third major competitor is finally coming to the small screen party. Teamfight Tactics, the auto battler spin-off of League of Legends, is making the jump early next year.

The company unveiled the mobile release would have cross-play with the desktop versions upon its full release in Q1 2020, with pre-registrations live now for Android through Google Play. Once released, the mobile version would follow the same cadence as the game on PC, receiving new champions and abilities every quarter or so along with balance updates in between.

For existing Teamfight Tactics players, the game will be getting new champions and items in the Rise of the Elements expansion, which launches globally on November 6. As noted in the name, the content will be based around League‘s elementals.

The TFT news follows a ton of information about League and its expanded universe that was announced during the game’s 10th anniversary stream today. For more info on that, catch up on all the news via here.


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