Legendary Japanese Arcade Anata No Warehouse Is Closing

Image: Tofugu

Located in Kawasaki, the arcade Anata no Warehouse (“Your Warehouse”) was designed to look like Hong Kong’s Kowloon Walled City. The multistory arcade is one of the most unusual in Japan. Make that, was.

The following notice was posted outside the arcade. It reads that Anata no Warehouse is closing down on November 17.

According to the notice, it will shutter due to “various circumstances.” Anata no Warehouse thanks its customers for their continued patronage and offers its sincere gratitude.

Image: Tofugu

The arcade, which opened in December 2005, was one-of-a-kind in Japan. Website Tofugu previously profiled the arcade, writing that the building used to be a home electronics store before it was turned into a unique game centre.

Image: Tofugu

The dingy Kowloon theme continued even in the restrooms! (For more photos, check out Tofugu.)

On Twitter, arcade fans have been expressing sadness as well as surprise. They’ve also been saying thanks and that they want to go back one last time before it closes.

That sounds like a good idea.


    Ah! Damn it....was planning to go in December....

    Its a shame this place was really well done and I enjoyed visiting it. Would definitely recommend going if u can make it before it closes.

    I hope it was open 24hrs because that place would've been hella creepy after closing time when it was empty and the lights were off...

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