Minecraft Earth Is Available In Australia Now

Minecraft Earth Is Available In Australia Now

Ever wanted to build a castle or a working calculator over, say, the pub on the street corner? Well, Minecraft Earth probably won’t let you build something that advanced. But you can try, with the game launching on Android and iOS in Australia today.

Microsoft announced the AR game’s availability this morning, adding that the early access version would have smelting, crafting, new mobs and procedurally generated adventures that weren’t available in the closed beta build.

“[Adventures are] small slices of procedurally generated, limited-time Minecraft worlds that you play in augmented reality in life size and are just one of the experiences that are optimised for social multiplayer,” Microsoft said.

The company also put together a cute little PSA video, reminding people not to do exceedingly dumb shit in real life just because they’re playing Minecraft Earth. If you walk in front of a tram or into a lake, that’s on you.

The iOS listing is here, while Android users can start installing the game via this link.


    • That’s like saying “I don’t understand the point of Minecraft. You just build stuff?”
      Which you probably already know the answer is both yes and no.
      For years I didn’t get the appeal of Minecraft, but I did get into it for a bit after that. Not so much the building side as the survival and exploration side, so I’ll probably end up bouncing off Minecraft Earth, but I’ll give it a go (and probably come back to it in a few years).

      • I’ve played an enjoyed Minecraft. I just can’t see how this would be a good experience at all. I guess I’ll have to give it a go, but moving around with an AR phone get wacky pretty quickly.

        • Yeah, as I mentioned I’m not much of a builder in Minecraft, and the whole point of this seems to just be collecting blocks so you can build stuff in AR, so I assume we’re in the same boat here. But for a lot of people, the creative side of building stuff is the whole point of Minecraft and having that stuff appear in the real world at lifesize scale would be quite exciting for them, I imagine.
          I’ve had a crack, and so far it’s what I expected. Yet to try an “adventure”, but unless it’s amazing I doubt I’ll be playing this for long.

  • Sees Title: “Minecraft Earth is available in Australia now”

    Reads body: “The iOS listing is here”

    Clicks link: “This app is currently not available in your country or region”

    My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

    • I’m not getting the not available error, but it is trying to open itunes instead of the app store to get it, which… is odd, since I no longer seem to have itunes on my phone – it prompts me to reinstall it. But searching the app store for the game returns zero results.

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